Should You Listen to Influencers? StormGain CEO Alex Althausen Talks the Futu...

Should You Listen to Influencers? StormGain CEO Alex Althausen Talks the Futu...

In 2021, cryptocurrency finally made the jump from a niche interest of tech-savvy libertarians to the word on everyone’s lips. From financiers to doctors, teachers, hairdressers and office workers, people from all walks of life are refreshing their smartphone apps to see how their preferred cryptocurrency is performing. The dramatic rise of Bitcoin’s price at […]

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Traders Take Note as StormGain Publishes Latest Crypto Market Report

Since launching just three years ago, StormGain has risen spectacularly to become one of the leading names in the cryptocurrency trading space. With over 120,000 active users and more than 25 cryptocurrency pairs available to trade, StormGain is now a major industry player. That’s why people are interested in what StormGain thinks about the current […]

Futu to Add Cryptocurrency Trading in U.S, Singapore and Hong Kong

Futu, one of the leading trading brokerages in China, revealed its plans to offer cryptocurrency trading later this year. In its earnings call earlier this Wednesday, senior vice president Robin Li Xu told analysts that Futu would be applying for digital-currency related licenses in the United States, Singapore, and Hong Kong.  Despite these changes, crypto […]

Bitcoin, PS5, And More: Win The Year’s Hottest Tech With StormGain

So, bitcoin set a new all-time high, and Sony’s PS5 is finally out and has become the most asked for a gift this Christmas year. And therefore, in an effort to bring some early holiday cheer to the world, StormGain has revealed its latest promotion, which includes the chance to make all of your Christmas and New Year wishes come true.   Bitcoin Price Breaks Record In 2020, Targets $50K Or More In 2021  In […]

Podcast: Alex Leverington - Blockchain Supercomputer

Alex Leverington is their lead P2P dev and also an Ethereum core dev. He’s done major work on rlpx, web3, and whisper. Shh, enough bitcoin noise. What‘s happening on the Ethereum Network? Alex Leverington from the Golem project joins Corey and Dee to talk about distributed computing. WTF is distributed computing? Listen to the episode and find out, duh. You’ll hear Corey in his element talking about coding and programing, which gives him the upper hand in this almost interrogation like interview. Alex does a fantastic job answering each question in full detail. Unfortunately some of this....

Hong Kong brokerage Futu halts crypto futures over regulatory issues

Non-futures crypto products like Grayscale Bitcoin Trust are reportedly still available on Futu Securities. A major Hong Kong-based online brokerage firm has reportedly suspended cryptocurrency futures trading due to regulatory concerns.Futu Securities, one of the biggest trading brokerages in Asia, has halted support of crypto futures contracts and trading services in response to regulatory requirements, Chinese financial publication Sina Finance reports Thursday.The platform’s customer service reportedly stated that the suspension will affect major contracts including CME Bitcoin....