Massive PEPE Token Dump: Whale Unloads 762 Billion At Loss As Price Wobbles

Massive PEPE Token Dump: Whale Unloads 762 Billion At Loss As Price Wobbles

PEPE, the meme coin that has garnered a cult following in the cryptocurrency world, made headlines once again as an anonymous whale, rumored to go by the name “Alleged Mattfurie,” executed a huge transaction.  According to a new PEPE price update,  this enigmatic figure exchanged a staggering 726 billion PEPE tokens for approximately 345.7 Ethereum (ETH). What’s more, the acquired ETH swiftly found its way to the Coinbase exchange, adding intrigue to an already sensational move. As of the latest data from CoinGecko, PEPE is currently valued at $0.00000078, with a 24-hour....

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Pepe Coin Fall From Grace: What’s Turning The Whales Away?

Popular meme coin PEPE has recently come under the spotlight due to significant whale activity that has left many investors concerned about its future. Large holders of PEPE tokens have been selling their holdings at a loss, leading to increased market uncertainty.  A recent report notes the meme coin’s price movements are strongly influenced by its presence in the social sector. However, over the last week, social activity surrounding PEPE has taken a notable downturn, with social engagements falling by 28% and social mentions decreasing by 18%. Related Reading: Ethereum Bears Gain....

Is PEPE A Rug Pull? Here’s What We Know

The Pepe token was the foremost token that enjoyed immense success during the meme coin frenzy in May this year. However, the token experienced a significant drop as the frenzy faded out. And now, a recent development seems to suggest that the team behind it may have abandoned the project. $15.6 Million Worth of PEPE […]

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PEPE Whale Exits After Making Over 54,000x Gain And $1.73 Million In Profit

One of PEPE’s early adopters is officially out after making over $1.7 million in profit, translating to a 54,725x gain in less than six months. In a tweet shared by Lookonchain on August 26, the meme coin trader bought 1.69 trillion tokens, spending roughly $36, minutes after the project was launched in late April 2023. However, by the time the trader exited, less than six months later, selling off all his tokens, he had realized a decent gain, raking in 1,001 ETH, or roughly $1.7 million at spot rates. PEPE Whale Exits Trackers reveal that the trader first sold 0.69 trillion before....