Discussing Personal and Financial Sovereignty

Discussing Personal and Financial Sovereignty

Mark Moss joins a group of Bitcoiners to discuss self-sovereignty and how to use Bitcoin and other tools to achieve it.Watch This Episode on YoutubeWatch/Listen To This Episode:Spotify AppleGoogle Libsyn Overcast[00:00:07] CK: We're here to talk about the Market Disruptor event in Miami that Mark Moss is putting on. Mark, welcome to the stage. How's it going my man?[00:00:15] MM: Thanks so much for having me on, man. I'm excited to talk about personal and financial sovereignty and today's out-of-control world. It’s a big, big, big, important subject. [00:00:25] CK: Yeah, I....

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Discussing the responsibility that Bitcoiners have to help their loved ones solve their personal financial problems.

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The International Monetary Fund published a report detailing how Bitcoin disrupts the world order, enables sovereignty amid sanctions, and demands regulatory action.

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Accessing decentralized finance should be possible without centralized intermediaries. Unfortunately, most people only now realize how many of these entities there are and the damage they can do to the broader ecosystem. 2022 And beyond needs to be about self-sovereignty before things spiral out of control even further. It is essential to look beyond promises […]

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PRESS RELEASE. Recently, LBank Exchange held an AMA session with the Polygon team, discussing Polygon’s achievements, collaborations, NFT and Gaming markets, Nightfall solution, future plans and so on. Here’s the summary of this AMA. Ethereum is the blockchain development platform of choice, but it has limitations such as low throughput, poor UX, and no sovereignty. As a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks, Polygon breaks through these limitations by aggregating scalable solutions on Ethereum and supporting a....