Brazil Moves Up The Adoption Curve According To KuCoin’s Into The Cryptoverse...

Brazil Moves Up The Adoption Curve According To KuCoin’s Into The Cryptoverse...

A report issued by the global KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange reveals that Brazilian users are adopting an increasingly positive attitude towards cryptocurrency investments. The Into The Cryptoverse report sheds light on vital metrics reflecting local sentiments on cryptocurrency adoption. Inflation in Brazil, which surpassed the 10% annual mark, is making cryptocurrencies the go-to value storage instrument […]

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Over Half Of Indian Bitcoin, Crypto Investors Say It Is The Future Of Finance...

KuCoin’s Into The Cryptoverse survey showcases Indian adoption of bitcoin and crypto with 56% of respondents saying the asset class is the future of finance.

Deutsche Banker Starts New Bitcoin Exchange in Brazil

Today BTCFlow has launched the first institutional exchange in Brazil, Latin America’s largest economy. “The digital currency market in Brazil is still in its infancy,” said Marcelo Miranda, founder of BTCFlow. “However, we are seeing aggressive growth and adoption in other markets, and have no doubt Brazil will follow suit.” BTCFlow was founded by Marcelo Miranda, a nine-year veteran of the Brazilian division of Deutsche Bank. While at Deutsche, he was the head of equity trading for Brazil. Spanning all of his career, he has accumulated over 15 years in finance and technology.

Bitcoin in Brazil - Are we there yet?

Bitcoin is being widely adopted across the world, in developed countries like the United States and developing African countries alike. But Brazilians don't seem to be interested in jumping on to the bitcoin bandwagon. Surprisingly for a country which is the 5th largest when it comes to number of internet users, the adoption of bitcoins is very low, with less than 0.1% bitcoin wallet downloads. A number of reasons ranging from lack of knowledge to regulatory issues can be listed for slow adoption of bitcoin in Brazil. Language. With Portuguese being their native tongue, most Brazilians are....

Bitcoin Beach Brazil: Inspired By El Salvador

A project in Brazil seeks to emulate the successful adoption of bitcoin seen on the beaches of El Salvador.

Curve (CRV) Up 30%: A Still Undervalued DeFi Project?

Curve Finance’s governance token CRV (not to be confused with CURV – recently acquired by Paypal) token has shot up to $2.46 on March 2nd from its monthly low of $1.80. Even with this recent jump, there is much evidence pointing to CurveDAO still having room to increase.  First, what is Curve? Curve describes itself as a place to “exchange stablecoins (DAI to USDC for example) through it with low fees and low slippage.” But […]