StockX Drops New Vault NFTs

StockX Drops New Vault NFTs

StockX has been a pillar in online hype wear and the latest sports, urban and street fashion for quite some time, and now, they plan to take it even further with a new NFT launch designed around tying physical products and NFTs together. In recent days, StockX announced on their website and via Twitter that […]

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Nike Sues StockX Over Latest NFTs

It’s been less than a month since we first covered online sneakerhead and hypebeast cultural hub StockX and their first formal foray into NFTs, with the ‘StockX Vault.’ In an effort to seemingly tokenize their physical assets, StockX sought a new way to recognize ownership – but what that truly means and how StockX would […]

Sneakmart Brings Its Web3-oriented Metakicks NFTs To Market In June 2022

Various Metaverse and NFT initiatives aim to blur the line between the virtual and physical worlds. Sneakmart and its Metakicks NFT drops offer something virtual for sneaker collectors, with a chance to win physical items. The team works together with StockX and top-rated football stars and artists to tokenize limited-edition footwear. Metakicks Are Coming This June The Sneakmart team has built a strong reputation through its community-driven mobile app for streetwear enthusiasts. Moreover, they see merit n the NFT phenomenon and how it can prove beneficial to the $6 billion sneakers....

NFT battles: Nike takes seller of unlicensed NFT sneakers to the court

StockX is an online reseller estimated to be worth $3.8 billion, and NFT sneakers in dispute are still online. Popular sneaker maker Nike has started the "licensed NFT" wars by taking an online reseller called StockX to court for trademark infringement or sale of unlicensed nonfungible token (NFT) sneakers.According to a Reuters report, Nike has filed a lawsuit against the reseller in the New York Federal court demanding an undisclosed amount in damages and a halt of sales on such virtual collectibles. StockX reportedly started selling Nike sneaker NFTs in January and promised buyers they....

CNN selling historic news ‘moments’ as NFTs

CNN will drop NFTs depicting historic moments such as space travel, technological advancements, and presidential elections. CNN has followed Fox and Time Magazine into the NFT market, announcing the launch of collectible historic moments from the news. CNN’s NFT project is dubbed “Vault by CNN: Moments That Changed Us” and includes a series of tokenized iconic moments from its 41-year history, along with a vault to purchase, store and display the NFTs. Vault by CNN: Moments That Changed UsThe news organization has not revealed which specific historic moments will be tokenized, however, it....

Three Emerging NFT Platforms That Offer Yield Earning Programs

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have taken over the web3 space. Their popularity is second to none, as web3 enthusiasts have created an industry that has taken the world by storm. Use-cases have shifted from purely digital art marketplaces to certificates and even yield earnings. Digital art still dominates NFT uses. That will change. The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space has figured out that NFTs have many product use-cases within the industry. NFTs get used as assets on several DeFi platforms. Before now, fungible tokens, stablecoins, and other digital assets reigned supreme. The entrée of....