Wall Street Veteran Says Ripple IPO Is Coming – Here’s When

Wall Street Veteran Says Ripple IPO Is Coming – Here’s When

A Wall Street financial specialist has made a compelling case for Ripple’s IPO, predicting that the crypto payments provider would launch its IPO in the coming year.  Ripple IPO Imminent Bestselling author and Wall Street investment expert, Linda P. Jones, recently made an appearance as a speaker at Linqto, a leading global financial investment platform.  […]

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Bitcoin could continue playing its global safe-haven hedge role as a Wall Street veteran blasts off Jerome Powell and his pro-inflation policies in his later opinion editorial

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Centre, the Coinbase- and Circle-founded project that oversees the USDC stablecoin, has hired Wall Street veteran David Puth as its new CEO.

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Wall Street has been embracing the latest wave of Silicon Valley financial tech at a fast rate. Over the past several months, many Wall Street Financial companies have embraced the new wave fintech enterprises with remarkable speed. The blockchain an online ledger that tracks the movement of digital currency, but it can also be used to manage, register and secure anything else that has value. Wall Street companies seem to have seen the true potential of the blockchain technology and many are now rushing to invest and develop new applications with this new technology. Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan....

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Former JP Morgan executive Blythe Masters has agreed to become the chief executive officer of Digital Assets Holding LLC, a New York-based Bitcoin trading company. An acclaimed Wall Street banker by profession, Masters, 45, is credited as the creator of modern credit default swaps back in 1994. In her own words, she is not a fan of Bitcoin but do appreciate its underlying technology that emphasis on better transparency. Basically, it was the 2008-financial crisis that inspired Masters to look beyond the traditional methods of economical trust. Bitcoin was itself born as an answer to the....