Ex-Head Of TikTok Gaming Rolls Out New Blockchain Gaming Startup

Ex-Head Of TikTok Gaming Rolls Out New Blockchain Gaming Startup

Jason Fung, the former head of TikTok gaming, exited the fastest-growing social media platform. After his exit, the ex-executive rolled out his new startup on Blockchain gaming. Through his announcement on July 5, Fung stated that he exited TikTok to facilitate the launch of MetaO. He explained that MetaO is a startup that focuses on […]

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Former Tiktok Gaming Boss Launches Metao, a ‘Blockchain Agnostic’ Gaming Company

Jason Fung, former head of gaming at Tiktok, the video-based social media, is launching a blockchain-based gaming startup. The company, called Metao, will focus on providing “blockchain-agnostic” solutions that will allow Web3 game creators to expand their reach and not be limited to just a chain and an ecosystem tied to a certain token.....

Former head of TikTok gaming leaves Web2 to build core Web3 protocol

Jason Fung said he hopes to solve interoperability problems with Metaverse development through his new company Meta0. Cointelegraph had the opportunity to chat with Jason Fung, former head of gaming at TikTok, about his new company Meta0, why he decided to make the leap into Web3 and what he feels the future has in store for him. The former gaming head expressed an elevated level of excitement, proclaiming that it was Day One for the fledgling Metaverse technology startup. Fung explained that he plans to bring his wealth of knowledge and experience in gaming and software development to....

A16z Rolls Out $600 Million Gaming, Web3 And Metaverse Dedicated Fund

Andreessen Horowitz (A16z) is launching a new fund that will exclusively invest in the gaming and metaverse industries. The new $600 million fund is comprised of a pool of dedicated cash and a new internal structure aimed at locating acquisitions inside the gaming vertical. The fund, which aspires to establish the future of the gaming […]

The Blockchain Gaming Revolution

There is no doubt that Blockchain gaming will be the next big thing, and is ready to break into the mainstream. Just like other industries, the gaming industry has optimized Blockchain technology to increase transparency and fairness. Currently, the Blockchain gaming industry has adapted to even make use of NFTs, a big buzzword in the […]

Griffin Gaming Partners Launches $750 Million Gaming and Web3 Fund

Griffin Gaming Partners, a venture capital firm specializing in gaming-related investments, has revealed the launch of its second gaming-related fund. The fund, which was reportedly oversubscribed, managed to raise $750 million to support gaming initiatives, including Web3-based and blockchain endeavors. Griffin Gaming Partners has now amassed more than $1 billion AUM. Griffin Gaming Partners Raises Sizable Gaming-Related Fund Griffin Gaming Partners has announced the launch of its second gaming-related fund, which will focus on investing in seed and growth rounds of companies....