CryptoDragons and the Blockchain: A Match Made in Heaven?

CryptoDragons and the Blockchain: A Match Made in Heaven?

According to DappRadar, NFT sales hit $ 10.7 billion in the third quarter of 2021 as the craze around these digital assets doesn’t mean to slow down. Undoubtedly, the NFT market is standing on the eve of another major leap in development today. Will the CryptoDragons Metaverse become a new NFT hit? Amid the fourth quarter of 2021, a new NFT project is released. CryptoDragons is a whole blockchain Metaverse of collectible ‎and breedable digital dragons, where all operations ‎are done via Ethereum blockchain. Common, Epic and Legendary NFT dragons will hatch from the NFT Eggs, stored on the....

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The skyrocketing sales and high prices of NFTs have bewildered many, but the explosive growth shows no signs of decline. CryptoDragons is a new NFT project, a whole NFT dragon Metaverse that seems to be about to shape the blockchain industry. Explaining their project, the CryptoDragons Team says, “The newly created project is not just […]

Legendary Dragon’s and 499 more NFT Eggs Sold Out in No Time!

CryptoDragons, the NFT project and first battle on the blockchain, announced an Egg reservation for November 7 at exactly 12 PM EST for interested players to reserve Dragon Eggs. As part of this challenge, 500 Eggs were up for grabs, including 1 Legendary Egg, 1 Epic Egg, and 498 randomly distributed Eggs. Prices were set at 35 ETH, 7 ETH, and 0.2 ETH, respectively. 🚀 All SOLD OUT! Random Eggs 0.2 ETH – sold outEpic Eggs 7 ETH – sold outLegendary Eggs 35 ETH – sold out Less than 10 Seconds!#nft #nftart #nftcommunity #cryptodragons #ETH —

CryptoDragons Introduces a World-Class Blockchain DNA Project

PRESS RELEASE. NFTs are all the rage right now – they are essentially unique units of data that generally represent a piece of art, media, or other forms of digital files. There are many interesting projects in youthful stages right now, but one of the most prominent NFT projects to arise recently is CryptoDragons. The project is currently offering a limited collection of 10,000 NFT dragon Eggs for minting. The uniqueness of each individual Egg illustration has been generated through Artificial Intelligence, facilitating a process where the technology creates art. Once the Eggs....

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