Inside El Salvador’s Bitcoin experiment: Cointelegraph video report

Inside El Salvador’s Bitcoin experiment: Cointelegraph video report

Cointelegraph traveled to El Salvador to investigate whether citizens believe its new Bitcoin Law will be beneficial to the nation's economy. Last month, Bitcoin was adopted as legal tender in El Salvador, joining the U.S. dollar.The country's new Bitcoin Law, which will be enforced starting Sept. 7, will allow Salvadorans to use Bitcoin (BTC) as a currency to purchase goods and services, as well as to pay taxes and debt. El Salvador’s president, Nayib Bukele, has stated that Bitcoin adoption will hugely benefit the 70% of the local population that lacks access to banking services. He also....

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El Salvador’s Bitcoin adoption an ‘interesting experiment,’ says BIS exec

El Salvador’s move to make Bitcoin legal tender in the country continues to elicit reactions from legacy finance gatekeepers — this time, from the Bank for International Settlements. Benoît Cœuré, Bitcoin (BTC) critic and the head of the innovation hub at the Bank of International Settlements, called El Salvador’s historic move to make BTC legal tender in the country an “interesting experiment.”According to Reuters, Cœuré made this assertion during the launch of the BIS’s fourth innovation hub in England on Friday, stating:“We have been clear at the BIS that we don’t see bitcoin as having....

These Senator’s ACES Act Allows The U.S. To Meddle In El Salvador’s Business

Everything surrounding the ACES act is almost comedic. U.S. Senators Jim Risch, Bob Menendez, and Bill Cassidy introduced the “Accountability for Cryptocurrency in El Salvador” AKA the ‘‘ACES Act.’’ It’s bipartisan legislation that would allow the U.S. to produce a full report on El Salvador’s post-Bitcoin Law situation.  Related Reading | Crypto Regulation: U.S. Senator […]

El Salvador’s First Day Under Bitcoin Law, First-Hand Testimony + Video

We received the statistics and read the charts, but… what was El Salvador’s first day under Bitcoin law really like? Let’s follow Bart Mol, Dutch national and host of the Satoshi Radio Podcast, on a wild ride between San Salvador and El Zonte. He’ll show us the good, the bad, and the ugly. No one […]

Exclusive discount for Inside Bitcoins Hong Kong 2014 with CoinTelegraph!

The first in a series of three Inside Bitcoins Conference dates in Asia kicks off in Hong Kong on 24-25 June, and CoinTelegraph is proud to announce its media partnership with the event. Hong Kong is something of a dynamic Bitcoin experiment at the moment, with regulators eagerly watching over a boom in the local Bitcoin economy. In the shadow of China’s steadfast resistance to the currency’s adoption, Inside Bitcoins will provide a look into the fascinating scene as it currently stands, along with a wide variety of news and presentations from the wider international community. Alan M.....

Xapo CEO, Wences Casares Refers to Bitcoin as the New Gold Standard

Xapo CEO, Wences Casares believes that bitcoin detains the much needed potential to become the new gold Standard; he firmly stated this in a video posted by Bigthink. Casares is an Argentinean entrepreneur with many years of experience with internet technologies and the gaming industry. In all these years of activity he gathered an enormous financial expertise. In a video session led by Bigthink, a Knowledge dedicated forum, he tells us about bitcoin and what it could mean for International ecommerce trading. Casares says that Bitcoin may be the most important social experiment going on....