Bitcoin Price Hits All-Time High

Bitcoin Price Hits All-Time High

Bitcoin has hit a new all-time highest price relative to USD as listed on Bitstamp, eclipsing its previous high of $19,666.00 set on the exchange on December 13, 2017. The specific price of BTC relative to fiat currency at any given time depends on the rate set by specific exchanges, and the listed all-time high price or price at any given time depends on the particular data set referenced. Though Bitstamp does not list the highest all-time bitcoin price of any exchange (Bitfinex, for instance, listed bitcoin at $19,891 on December 11, 2017), its data stream represents one of the....

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Market Update: Bitcoin Price Hits New All-Time High Over $20k

The price of bitcoin surpassed its all-time high touching $20,800 on Wednesday morning (EST). At the time of publication, the crypto asset is up over 6% during the last 24 hours with a whopping $380 billion market capitalization. Bitcoin has touched a two-week high reaching $20,800 per coin on Wednesday, December 16, 2020. The price has crushed the previous all-time high (ATH) captured on December 1, 2020, at $19,920. After reaching the ATH on Wednesday, nearly 100% of all BTC in circulation is in a state of profit. There is currently 18.5 million BTC in circulation which gives the crypto....

Price of Bitcoin Hits All-Time High

The moment many of us have been waiting for has happened. The price of Bitcoin has surpassed the April 2013 all-time high of $266 on the Mt. Gox exchange. This is an incredible milestone for Bitcoin, and proves to the world that the currency is more than just a hobby. Yesterday, the price soared, then took a slight fall. Now, it's recovered and reached a new high. How long it will keep up is anyone's guess, but it's nice to see the value of the digital currency this high up again. Prepare for lots of sells and fluctuation.

Bitcoin’s Market Cap Hits All-Time High

Bitcoin has reached its highest-ever market capitalization, the measure of the total supply’s value relative to USD, per publicly-available market data. The post Bitcoin’s Market Cap Hits All-Time High appeared first on Bitcoin Magazine.

Bitcoin Price Rings the $800 Bell

Bitcoin price hits a new high in 2016 and is now trading at figures unseen since early 2014, at a near 3-year-high. After a strong quarter that saw bitcoin price rally from the $600 mark in October to $700 in November before steadily increasing afterwards, the value of the cryptocurrency broke through the $800 to reach a high of $810 on the Bitstamp Price Index (BPI). That figure was achieved for the first time since February 5, 2014, when bitcoin price struck $809.48. Bitcoin is trading to the dollar at a new 34-month high. The surge began late Tuesday night (UTC). After a steady day of....

First Mover: Bitcoin at Center Stage (and Record High) as Mastercard, BNY Go ...

Bitcoin's price hits new all-time high over $48,000 despite U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen's warning that cryptocurrencies are prone to illicit uses..