Ethereum Breaks New All-Time High As Gas Fees Plummet

Ethereum Breaks New All-Time High As Gas Fees Plummet

Ethereum has taken the recent rally in the crypto market one step further. The digital asset had been chasing multiple new all-time highs in the past week, breaking above $4,600 for the first time ever on Wednesday. This milestone was important for the asset as it showed Ethereum still had more steam left in it […]

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Ethereum Transaction Fees Near Six-Month Low Amid Declining Prices

Ethereum gas prices have been declining for a while now. It had risen to its all-time high back in 2021 when the bull market was in full bloom. It then continued to maintain on the high spike, spiking at various intervals to high points. At its highest, average ETH gas fees were as high as $69. However, with the recent downtrend and the market losing momentum, the gas fees have crumbled and the recent decline has seen its near six-month lows. Ethereum Fees Are Down Ethereum gas fees for the last three months showed a consistent downtrend that saw average gas fees decline as low as $5.98 in....

Ethereum Fees Touch Monthly Lows As Transaction Volumes Plummet

Ethereum fees had touched new highs thanks to the popularity of the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. As network activity had grown, so had the transaction volumes. The effects continue to linger even into the bear market, although fluctuations between low and high are now more common in the space. Presently, transaction volumes have fallen sharply and ETH fees have now plummeted to monthly lows. Ethereum Transactions At $0.5 Ethereum transaction fees have declined to one of their lowest points this year. Gas costs which have been fluctuating between high and low seem to have found their....

Ethereum Founder Puts Forward New Fix For High Gas Fees

Surging Ethereum gas fees have been a cause for alarm among investors who had found themselves paying significantly higher fees to carry out transactions on the blockchain. Increased network usage was the obvious culprit for this but fees remain high enough that investors have called for fixes to enable them to continue using the blockchain. […]

High Gas Fees Prevent Ethereum From Being Ethereum

Miners are incentivized to keep Ethereum gas fees high, and in doing so limit one of the network's principal use cases.

By The Numbers: Yuga Labs Breaks Ethereum, Gas Fees Set New ATH

The Yuga Labs “Otherdeeds” mint on the Ethereum blockchain has set a new record for any NFT launch. Not only did it set the record in terms of revenue but it had also broken records previously set in terms of fees. It was the sole driver of the transaction fee surge on the network which […]