$3B flows to Metaverse and Web3 gaming this month as A16z’s tips in $600M

$3B flows to Metaverse and Web3 gaming this month as A16z’s tips in $600M

“GAMES FUND ONE” will invest in game studios, consumer apps and game infrastructure providers with a16z saying the industry has “solved many of the problems” needed to make a Metaverse. Venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) has launched a $600 million fund dedicated to gaming startups with a focus on Web3 saying it believes “games infrastructure and technologies will be key building blocks of the Metaverse.”Dubbed “GAMES FUND ONE” the fund will invest in three main areas: game studios, consumer applications which support player communities with Discord used as an example, and....

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A16z Launches $600 Million Web3 Gaming Focused Fund

A16z has launched a new fund that seeks to invest $600 million in gaming experiences including Web3 and metaverse. The fund, which seeks to build the future of the gaming industry, aims to back several startups and projects in different areas including gaming studios, the intersection of gaming and consumers, and infrastructure. This move complements the investments that the VC has made in other gaming and metaverse-involved startups. A16z Doubles Down on Gaming Executives at a16z seem to be enticed by the intersection of metaverse, Web3, and gaming happening now in the industry.....

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As many businesses advance into the NFT, Web3, and Metaverse Zones, Konami, a Japanese gaming company, joins the race. The video game company announced job openings to expand its offerings into the Metaverse, NFT, and Web3 platforms. Konami announced that it needs experienced hands for system construction and service development. It relates to its plans to […]

A16z Rolls Out $600 Million Gaming, Web3 And Metaverse Dedicated Fund

Andreessen Horowitz (A16z) is launching a new fund that will exclusively invest in the gaming and metaverse industries. The new $600 million fund is comprised of a pool of dedicated cash and a new internal structure aimed at locating acquisitions inside the gaming vertical. The fund, which aspires to establish the future of the gaming […]

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Siu noted that the Metaverse won’t be a single or central entity but a combination of several metaverses. The $200 billion gaming industry is rapidly becoming a key point of interaction between Web2 and Web3. In recent times, a growing number of gaming companies have integrated digital wallet support and nonfungible token (NFT)-based reward systems and even launched their own metaverses.The growing prominence of GameFi in the Web3 economy makes the likes of Animoca Brands believe that it would become an onboarding point for the Metaverse. During the Future Blockchain Summit, Animoca Brands....