Bitcoin Enters “Uncharted Territory” as Macro Outlook Grows Bullish

Bitcoin Enters “Uncharted Territory” as Macro Outlook Grows Bullish

Bitcoin is holding steady above $16,000, even gaining some slight momentum above this level as buyers remain in full control This price action has been undoubtedly bullish for the cryptocurrency, with a daily close above this level confirming that this latest push higher is more than a fleeting pump Now that buyers have flipped this into support, it could be time for the crypto to see even further gains in the near-term One analyst explained […]

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Unprecedented Bitcoin Rally Leads Altcoins Into “Uncharted Territory”

The shocking Bitcoin rally has resulted in the cryptocurrency reaching two times its previous all-time high. Meanwhile, most altcoins have yet to return to the high they set years ago. This strange occurrence recently with altcoins growing in USD value, but getting hammered on BTC pairs has led the market into “uncharted territory,” according to […]

Ethereum’s Macro Outlook is “Ultra Bullish” Despite Recent Turbulence

Ethereum has been closely tracking Bitcoin’s price action throughout the past couple of days This has caused it to see a notable selloff, with bulls and bears now reaching an impasse as it trades just above its crucial $380 support level A continued defense of this level is key if bulls want to fuel a move higher in the near-term One analyst is now noting that the cryptocurrency’s macro outlook is ultra-bullish despite the recent […]

Ethereum’s Macro Outlook Shapes Up as Technical Strength Grows

Ethereum has been closely tracking Bitcoin as of late, which has caused it to see some consolidation Where the crypto trends in the mid-term should depend largely on ETH’s continued reaction to the $600 region Just as $19,000 is a key level for Bitcoin at the present moment, $600 is a crucial level for ETH, as breaks above this level often lead to inflows of buying pressure Where the cryptocurrency trends in the days and […]

Three Key Reasons Why Bitcoin’s Macro Chart Is Still Bullish

Bitcoin has undergone a strong rally over recent months from the March lows to $12,500 at the August highs. Not everyone is convinced that the crypto’s macro trend is positive, though. They point to the fact that Bitcoin has yet to firmly establish itself above $11,500 and $12,000. Those two levels have been of technical importance on a macro time frame since the 2017 highs. Three crucial reasons, though, suggest that Bitcoin’s macro trend is […]

Fidelity Analyst: Bitcoin Is Cheap — Ethereum Could Be Near Bottom

Fidelity’s director of Global Macro has shared his bitcoin and ether price outlook. His analysis shows that bitcoin is cheap but ether could be even cheaper. “Ethereum could be close to a bottom,” he added. Fidelity’s Director on Bitcoin and Ether Price Outlook Jurrien Timmer, director of Global Macro in Fidelity Investments’ global asset allocation division, shared his bitcoin and ether price analysis in a series of tweets Friday. Timmer specializes in global macro strategy and active asset allocation. He joined Fidelity 27 years ago as a technical....