First Mover: Don’t Like $34K Bitcoin? Stellar, Litecoin Yet to Conquer Old Highs

First Mover: Don’t Like $34K Bitcoin? Stellar, Litecoin Yet to Conquer Old Highs

Though bitcoin's rally has lost some steam, many traders are still in a bullish mood – and shifting to alternative cryptocurrencies known as "altcoins" whose prices have yet to clear all-time highs from years past. 

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Stellar Price Reaches Three-Week Low

Although it has yet to overtake Ripple, Jed McCaleb's Stellar has performed respectably in its first several months. The payment gateway's native currency has consistently remained in the top-twenty on the market cap charts. However, the stellar price has not been living up to its name over the past couple weeks. Also read: Stellar Price Rises Despite Bitcion Price Drop. Stellar Price Reaches Three-Week Low. On October 9, the stellar price fell to 662 satoshis, which marked a three-week low for Ripple co-founder Jed McCaleb's latest altcoin project. As recently as September 29, the stellar....

Stellar Protocol Announces Stellar Build Challenge for Developers

Stellar Protocol's Stellar Build Challenge encourages developers to build applications using the platform and win attractive Lumen rewards. As the Stellar ecosystem continues to grow, creators of the blockchain based financial platform have decided to further strengthen the codes by leveraging the power of the crowd. The Stellar Protocol has announced the launch of its Stellar Build Challenge where they encourage the developer community to build new products on the platform. According to Stellar’s recent release, the Stellar Build Challenge will be divided into four categories – Anchors,....

Jed McCaleb Talks Stellar's New Protocol for Consensus

The Stellar Foundation has released details about the new consensus protocol it hopes to deploy on the Stellar network as early as this summer. Founded on a concept called federated Byzantine agreement, the Stellar Consensus Protocol is intended to replace Stellar's existing consensus protocol, itself is based on the system used by competitor Ripple Labs. The Stellar team said in December that it was working to replace its existing protocol following network issues last September. The Stellar Foundation, the organization that oversees the development of the Stellar network, published the....

First Mover: Near Record Highs, Bitcoin May Have a Volatile Week

Bitcoin prices are near all-time high, while its one-month implied volatility metric has jumped to four-month highs.

Bad Breakup: Details on the Bad Relationship Between Ripple Labs and Stellar Published

Apparently, there are some very angry feelings between payment network startups Ripple and Stellar, and the New York Observer has published a 15,000 word article spilling all the juicy details. Apparently, Ripple and Stellar were going out for quite some time. They were thought to be the cutest couple by all of their friends, and their families were sure an engagement was imminent, but then it turned out that Stellar was cheating on Ripple with a bitcoin mining operation all this time. Ripple discovered the sensual love letter hidden in a closet and decided to confront Stellar a week....