Bitcoin MVRV Suggests Rally May Have More Room To Grow

Bitcoin MVRV Suggests Rally May Have More Room To Grow

The current trend in the Bitcoin MVRV ratio suggests the ongoing rally in the cryptocurrency’s price may have room to grow further still. Bitcoin MVRV Ratio Hasn’t Yet Reached Its 4-Year MA As pointed out by an analyst in a CryptoQuant post, the recovery phase in the asset’s price isn’t over yet. The “Market Value […]

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Bitcoin MVRV Shows Top Isn’t In Yet, BTC Still Has Room To Grow

The MVRV indicator shows that Bitcoin currently hasn’t reached the top yet, and the crypto may still have room to grow. Bitcoin MVRV Ratio May Show The Top Hasn’t Been Reached Yet As pointed out by a CryptoQuant post, on-chain data suggests MVRV ratio values are still low right now, implying that the coin hasn’t yet made the top. The Market Value to Realized Value (or MVRV in short) ratio is a Bitcoin indicator that’s defined as the market cap divided by the realized cap. MVRV Ratio = Market Cap ÷ Realized Cap The metric’s value tells us whether BTC’s....

Bitcoin MVRV Ratio Declines, But Not Near Bottom Zone Yet

Data shows the Bitcoin MVRV ratio has gone down recently, but the metric’s value is still above the historic bottom zone. Bitcoin MVRV Ratio Observes Decrease, But Value Still Greater Than 1 As explained by an analyst in a CryptoQuant post, BTC may still have room for further decline before the bottom is in. The […]

Bitcoin price tipped to consolidate before continuing bull run in 2021

The Bitcoin price could stagnate until early 2021, various on-chain indicators show, as investors could take profit. The Bitcoin price (BTC) reached the $19,400 mark in the past 24 hours, which has served as a critical resistance level since the start of December. However, on-chain indicators show that the dominant cryptocurrency could stagnate or consolidate until early 2021. Although BTC is nearing its all-time high at around $20,000, there are compelling reasons to expect more sideways action.On-chain analysts primarily explore two indicators to gauge the sentiment of an ongoing rally:....

$5,000 Ethereum by the end of May? On-chain data suggests so

The current speculative trend and Ethereum's price premium suggest that the altcoin's price could more than double over the next 7 weeks. On April 14, the price of Ether (ETH) just hit an all-time high at $2,400 and although the price has increased more than three-fold since the beginning of this year, the current speculative premium suggests, there is a lot of room for upside.Ether's speculative premium is far from overheatedWhile the current price of Ether is at around $2,375, the Realized Price, meaning the average price paid by all investors who are currently holding Ether is at $802.....

Bitcoin on-chain metric suggests 2017-style bull run will continue

Dubbed MVRV, the indicator represents the ratio of Bitcoin's Market Value to Realized Value. Bitcoin's (BTC) pullback from its record high of $67,000 to below $60,000 has not deterred bulls from eyeing another peak level ahead, per an indicator that attempts to predict market bottoms and tops.Dubbed MVRV, the risk metric represents the ratio of Bitcoin's market value to its realized value — similar to the price to book (P/B) ratio that compares a company's market value to its book value. In doing so, MVRV attempts to identify whether an asset is under or overvalued.A 2017-like bullish....