Delta Exchange completes $5M token raise following investments from DeFi players

Delta Exchange completes $5M token raise following investments from DeFi players

Investors include Aave Ventures, Kyber Network, Sino Global, CoinFund, Spartan and others. Delta Exchange, a cryptocurrency derivatives platform, has successfully concluded a $5 million private sale of its native Delta Exchange Token (DETO), setting the stage for wider adoption of its retail derivatives marketplace. Some well-known names in decentralized finance, or DeFi, participated in the private sale, including Aave Ventures. Kyber Network. Sino Global, LuneX Ventures, BR Capital and others also participated in the sale. At the time of writing, the total market capitalization of DeFi....

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REVV motorsports ecosystem shifts to Polygon due to Ethereum gas fees

F1 Delta Time will be the first title deployed on the layer-two network to alleviate the problem. The publisher of F1 Delta Time, Animoca Brands, announced a partnership with Ethereum layer-two solution, Polygon, on Feb. 18.Under the partnership, the entirety of the REVV token motorsport ecosystem will be deployed on the Polygon network, starting with the aforementioned F1 Delta Time.This will ensure that players are not hampered by excessive gas fees on the Ethereum blockchain. High gas fees can cripple blockchain-based games, as many in-game actions require performing a transaction to....

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NFT-powered racing game F1 Delta Time has auctioned off a segment of an in-game track for $222,000. A segment of a race track in F1 Delta Time, a non-fungible token-powered motorsports game from Animoca Brands, has been auctioned off for more than 9 million of the company’s REVV tokens, worth approximately $222,000. Animoca says it’s a record price for an in-game NFT.The token, “Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2020 1A” was auctioned on NFT marketplace Open Sea, with bidding taking place from Nov. 29 until Dec. 2. The token offers its owner an "Apex” share in the game’s Circuit de Monaco....