Whales Move $1.6B In Bitcoin Ahead Of Nearly 20% Selloff

Whales Move $1.6B In Bitcoin Ahead Of Nearly 20% Selloff

Bitcoin price has been in a steady uptrend for months now, but a sudden sharp selloff turned the crypto market into a sea of red today. Ahead of the market turning red, a whale was spotted moving a substantial amount of BTC to a popular cryptocurrency exchange, taking reserves to the highest level all year. Since the deposit was made, nearly 20% has been taken off the price of the leading cryptocurrency by market cap.  […]

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Whales Sell Down Bitcoin Rally: Why This Is Fundamentally Bullish For Crypto

Bitcoin price is now below $18,000 and the distance from the all-time high set just weeks ago is increasing by the day. The incredible rally of 2020 might have now come to an end, with the tipping point caused by some of the largest cryptocurrency whales offloading their coins. And while things are likely to turn bearish as a result in the short-term, the whale-driven selloff is ultimately bullish for Bitcoin in the long run. […]

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Quick Bitcoin Price Recovery Looks in Doubt as Whales Move Coins Onto Exchanges

"Whales are transferring bitcoin to exchanges. The cryptocurrency may trade in a sideways-to-negative manner," said one analyst.

Bitcoin's 'Elon Musk pump' rally to $48K was exclusively driven by whales

Bitcoin whales drove the rally to $48,000 and are aggressively buying, Binance exchange data shows. The price of Bitcoin (BTC) rallied to above $48,000 on Feb. 9, and has been consolidating since. Analysts from Material Indicators found that whales were the primary driver of the rally.This is largely considered a bullish sign. The probability of a Bitcoin top would increase when retail investors enter into the market en masse, as both the spot and derivatives markets get overheated.Why are whales driving the price of Bitcoin up?In recent months, so-called “mega whales” sold large amounts....