Ripple Is Selling 33% of Its Stake in Moneygram

Ripple Is Selling 33% of Its Stake in Moneygram

Ripple Labs Inc. is selling 4 million of its shares in Moneygram, or about a third of its total shareholding in the company. The decision seems in part to be motivated by the surging Moneygram share price and Ripple’s desire to cash out after buying the shares at a premium of $4.10 in 2019. At close on Nov. 27, shares of Moneygram were down 4.8% at $7.42 on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. However, the stock has soared 260% year-to-date, rising from $2.06 on Jan. 2. Ripple will earn nearly $30 million if it sold its 4 million Moneygram shares at current market prices – an almost 50%....

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Ripple Is Cashing Out a Third of Its Stake in Surging MoneyGram

It is its first such sale of MoneyGram stock since the startup invested in the remittance giant in 2019.

Moneygram Distances Itself From the Ripple Turmoil With the US SEC

One of the world’s biggest remittance companies issued a statement addressing the recent turmoil between Ripple and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) due to a lawsuit filed by the regulator against the crypto company. Moneygram Distances Itself From Ripple in the Midst of the US SEC Lawsuit According to the official statement, Moneygram pointed out that its collaboration with the blockchain firm doesn’t involve using the ODL platform or Ripplenet for direct transfer of consumer funds, “digital or otherwise.” Also, they added that “Moneygram is....

MoneyGram distances itself from Ripple, says it doesn't utilize RippleNet

MoneyGram sheds light on the nature of its partnership with Ripple. Global money transfer service MoneyGram has clarified the nature of its collaboration with its blockchain partner Ripple following the latter’s recent probe by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.In a press statement issued on Dec. 23, MoneyGram revealed that it has never utilized Ripple’s counterparty services, namely On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) and RippleNet, for forex transactions."As a reminder, MoneyGram does not utilize the ODL platform or RippleNet for direct transfers of consumer funds – digital or otherwise.....

Ripple has sold $15M of its stock in MoneyGram

Ripple's partnership with MoneyGram may not be as warm as it once was, but it's paying off. Ripple Labs has sold a huge chunk of its 2019 investment in MoneyGram. Per a Friday night filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday night, from Nov. 27 through Dec. 4, Ripple Labs managed to sell 2,264,113 shares of MoneyGram (MGI). The tech firm netted a total of $15,303,792.60 from the sales.MoneyGram's stock value has soared in recent months, from $2.94 on Oct. 1 to $8.53 on Nov. 23. In no small part thanks to news of Ripple's sell-off, MGI has slipped back down to $6.54 as of....

MoneyGram Takes Wait-and-See Approach as SEC Sues Partner Ripple

"MoneyGram will continue to monitor the situation" following an SEC lawsuit against its part-owner, Ripple, a spokesperson told CoinDesk.