Astro Crypto: Bitcoin, The Total Eclipse, And The Super Flower Blood Moon

Astro Crypto: Bitcoin, The Total Eclipse, And The Super Flower Blood Moon

Today is a rare full moon called the Super Flower Moon that also happens to coincide with a total lunar eclipse that gives the moon a crimson color. For the most part, this should have no impact on Bitcoin, however, after seeing a moon phase chart its impossible not to notice at least some correlation […]

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After a short stint below $50,000, Bitcoin price is back on its way higher, already reclaiming as high as $53,000 and then some. Also tonight, there is a rare full “pink” moon in Scorpio – signaling powerful change in process currently and possibly ahead. Whether you believe in the impact of astrology or not, the moon […]

Helix Miners: A Comprehensive Review

Helix Miners, along with Flower Technology, may have scammed their customers. A few months ago, Helix partnered with Flower Tech to be the sole distributor of Flower Tech's miners. The two companies showed off a working prototype of a Flower Tech miner and things appeared to be going as planned. However, in August, Flower Tech announced that the company had not raised enough funds to complete the ASIC design and ship out the miners in time. Flower Tech assured customers that all preorders would still be fulfilled, and that Helix and EnSilica, the chip designer, would continue securing....

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Markets are cyclical, and so is the sun, moon, and the rest of the solar system. But could solar cycles specifically be what controls the ebb and flow of financial markets like Bitcoin and stocks? A study of the VIX, the S&P 500 and cryptocurrency concludes that there may be something more to the relationship. […]

AstroSwap’s $ASTRO Posts 210x ROI Within Hours As Trading Frenzy Intensifies

The recent IDO for AstroSwap, the interstellar DEX for Cardano, has been a tremendous success. Not only did the tokens fly off the proverbial shelves, but the price is skyrocketing. Currently at 210x ROI, one has to wonder what will happen next for $ASTRO or what galaxy it will stop in. #AstroSwap is on @CoinMarketCap […]

Cryptocurrencies are on the rise

Cryptocurrencies (abbreviated 'cryptos') have been having a great day - most of their values are up. Out of the top ten cryptos (measured in market cap), Quark is up the most in the last 24 hours with a 73% rise in value, Dogecoin the second most at 58%, followed by Peercoin at 39%. Almost all of the top 11 cryptocurrencies have been on the rise in the past 24 hours. What's causing the sudden spike? There are numerous theories as to why cryptos are on the rise. Some (mainly in the Dogecoin community) jokingly say it's due to the lunar eclipse two nights ago - the eclipse powered the moon,....