Ethereum Trumps Tron, BNB Chain As The Most Active Network By Fees Generated

Ethereum Trumps Tron, BNB Chain As The Most Active Network By Fees Generated

Ethereum is the most active platform ranked by the fees generated in the last six months, Token Terminal data shows. Ethereum Generates $742.9 Million in Fees In 180 Days Ethereum is a smart contracting platform where users can launch dapps serving various sub-sectors in crypto, including gaming, decentralized finance (DeFi), and more.  Over the last six […]

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Critics say Ethereum’s soaring gas fees will cause the project to fall victim to its competitor blockchains but on-chain data suggests otherwise. Ether (ETH) remains the second-largest cryptocurrency and it absolutely dominates the smart contract industry according to an array of network usage metrics. Even though the network has been overwhelmed by peak activity which is causing median fees to surpass $10, the network effect of its large user and developer base seems to be enough to sustain its position as the second ranked cryptocurrency by market capitalization.Nevertheless, some key....

Tron Has More Daily Active Addresses Than Ethereum: What’s Supercharging Growth?

Tron, a platform where users can deploy smart contracts and run decentralized applications (dapps) like they would in Ethereum, is rapidly growing its daily active addresses (DAA). DAA is the count of unique addresses that send or receive tokens on a blockchain on any given day. Tron’s DAA Exploding, Surpasses Ethereum, Bitcoin According to metrics shared […]

Tether Use on Tron Passes Ethereum as Low Fees Attract Small Transactions

Tron USDT volume eclipses Ethereum for the third consecutive week.

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The New NFT project appears on the raging market. Now targeting the Tron community. Tron Cool Cats , a new project supported by Palmar Labs, is a collection of 10K unique randomly generated NFTs, pouring in the Tron ecosystem. Another project shows up in the fast-growing NFT market. This time cats are taking the Tron ecosystem. Tron Cool Cats is a copycat (pun intended) of the popular Ethereum-based NFT project. Cool Cats is a collection of 10K randomly generated and stylistically curated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Each randomly assembled cat from over 300K total options possesses a....

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A new project has appeared on the raging NFT market and it is supposed to capture the attention of the Tron community. Bored Ape Yacht Club Tron is a copycat version of the Ethereum-based OG Bored Ape Yacht Club collection. Bored Ape Yacht Club Tron is the 3rd TRON-based project launched on the NFT-market. The first project of this kind was sold out in under 4 months, and the second – in just 36 hours. TRON NFTs have also demonstrated some spectacular results on the secondary market. For instance, Justin Sun bought a Tpunk for as much as $10.5 million. The Tron-based collection consists of....