Analysts Take Aim at $280 for Ethereum as Bears Gain Firm Control

Analysts Take Aim at $280 for Ethereum as Bears Gain Firm Control

Ethereum has been hit hard by the recent market-wide downturn, with the cryptocurrency’s price crashing by nearly $30 in a matter of minutes earlier today This move struck a serious blow to its technical outlook, leading many investors and analysts to anticipate further downside in the near-term One trader is specifically setting his sights on a move down towards $280, explaining that this is a bastion of buying pressure for ETH Whether or not Ethereum […]

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Bulls have been struggling to gain decisive control of Bitcoin throughout the past few days and weeks This has resulted in it being quite heavy, with each rally being aggressively sold into as bears aim to push it back down to $30,000 Despite this, the crypto has been able to hold strong within the lower-$30,000 region, and every dip below $30k has been met with massive buy-side support There’s a possibility that this support is […]