The Evolution of NFTS, More Than a Story?

The Evolution of NFTS, More Than a Story?

Simply an idea or a story in itself can go a long way for people. Just look at this story about an invisible sculpture being sold for $18,000. The work, titled Io Sono or “I Am,”, by the Italian Salvatore Garau, doesn’t exist… except in the artist’s imagination. This is the case for most NFTs […]

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NFTs are here to stay. CryptoArt is hotter than ever. CryptoPunks keep breaking records. As Christie’s auction approaches, the demand for the original NFTs rises. Today, an anonymous and recently created account placed bids worth 3,034 ETH for 16 CryptoPunks. At the current price, that’s $6,309,476.33. This fact makes the story even more interesting: so far, none of the bids have been accepted. Widely regarded as the original NFTs, the CryptoPunks contract was created on […]

Beyond the hype: NFTs’ actual value is still to be determined

NFTs present a revolutionary and innovative technology, but their real value has been obscured by hype. It's 2021. Super Bowl champion Tom Brady is starting an NFT company, Christie's is explaining CryptoPunks to everyone, Saturday Night Live is creating jams about NFTs, Beeple and Mark Cuban are advocating NFTs’ use case — yet, here I am, the CEO of a company that helps users securely store their nonfungible tokens and I still think the actual value of NFTs is to be decided. It's important to back up and remember that, although it seems like we have all always known about NFTs, the....

NFT 2.0: The Next Evolution in NFTs

It’s time for NFT 2.0. Those who have not dipped their toes in NFT 1.0 already may say that NFT 2.0 came too quickly, but non-fungible tokens do have the capacity to surprise. If 2021 was a milestone for NFTs, 2022 and beyond will be its technological seven-mile step. Considering that a handful of the NFT 2.0 projects are now fighting for a place in the global spotlight, we have picked out and covered the most interesting among these, so make sure you check them out below! Shooting High with CXIP CXIP (pronounced “chip”) is a marketplace-agnostic NFT minting platform that wants to put the....

Minting, distributing and selling NFTs must involve copyright law

Nonfungible tokens would be problematic without the validation and verification of copyright ownership in the NFT-minting process. Everyone is wild about nonfungible tokens (NFTs). The first half of 2021 alone saw NFTs from Andy Warhol, NFTs of the code for the World Wide Web, the first-ever Tweet and, of course, the famous $69 million NFT sale of Beeple’s “Everydays.” Whether this explosive rise of NFTs is a flash in the pan or the future of art and beyond is a hot topic of conversation. An emerging theme from that conversation is whether NFTs have a copyright problem. Copyright is....

Dark Market Evolution Vanishes With $12 Million in Bitcoin

Notorious dark web marketplace Evolution has vanished amid reports that its administrators have absconded with more than $12m in bitcoin. Accessible only via the Tor network, the market had become the go-to online drug bazaar following the shut down of Silk Road and Operation Onymous, a pan-agency crackdown on illicit markets that seized over 400 domains in November. Members of the darkweb community expressed concerns about Evolution's moderators - operating under the handles 'Kimble' and 'Verto' - who were delayed responding to and processing withdrawal requests. Reddit's Evolution....