XRP: Social Buzz Points To $0.70, But Technicals Predict Dip To $0.50 First

XRP: Social Buzz Points To $0.70, But Technicals Predict Dip To $0.50 First

The value of Ripple’s XRP token has fluctuated dramatically in recent months. Talks about the coin are thriving and have reached their highest point since early April, despite an 8% price decline over the last 60 days. This raises the question of whether the recent internet talk will help XRP see a price spike or if it is just meaningless chatter that will eventually fade. Related Reading: Solana Blasts Past Resistance: Buckle Up For $330 Breakout – Analyst Social Media Frenzy The social media landscape surrounding XRP is abuzz. Santiment data reveals a surge in XRP’s social....

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The crypto sector is overflowing with tokens, trading platforms, news portals, and virtual communities. Every day, members of the community hunt for the most lucrative projects to invest in. Combing through hundreds of platforms, media outlets, and social media platforms. What if there was one place where all potential investors could get a hold of this information directly through members of the crypto community? Introducing Buzz by Flooz.Trade Buzz users experience a new level of trading and interaction with the community, unlike anything currently available in the industry. The platform....

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Social Media that Pays Users in Bitcoin. On February 1st of this year, Film Annex announced that it would be the first website in the world to pay its users in Bitcoin. The social media platform has over 300,000 registered users in 245 different countries worldwide. Users are rewarded Bitcoin for creating content such as films, blogs and images. Content creators are measured by the Buzz Score, an algorithm that measures the impact and quality of the content provided. Users are then financially rewarded in bitcoin based on their personal Buzz Score. Francesco Rulli, an Italian businessman....

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