Corporate Bitcoin treasuries are here, which can only mean good things

Corporate Bitcoin treasuries are here, which can only mean good things

It is Bitcoin’s technical characteristics that make it an ideal, diversified corporate treasury holding. Holding Bitcoin (BTC) in treasury will soon become a corporate standard. Wall Street firm MicroStrategy recently made headlines when it decided to allocate a large portion of its treasury to Bitcoin, buying over 21,000 BTC in August and almost 17,000 more in September, making its CEO, Michael Saylor, seem quite prescient already. MicroStrategy stock rallied just like BTC as well — by 50%. According to Saylor, Bitcoin was the best inflation hedge and store of value, and in his words,....

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Why institutions suddenly give a damn about Bitcoin

As big players continue to enter the crypto space, institutions are becoming mega HODLers. Without a doubt, Bitcoin (BTC) has become an increasingly popular asset to own among institutional investors. By the end of the second quarter of 2020, Fidelity reported in a survey of almost 800 institutional investors that 36% owned crypto assets. A separate survey, conducted by crypto asset insurance company Evertas, shared that respondents believe hedge funds will increase their crypto holdings drastically. It also projected that 90% of institutional holders of crypto assets expect to invest even....

DAO treasuries still down 40% after October's DeFi downtrend

The recent DeFi downturn has impacted the treasuries of decentralized autonomous organizations by 40% in a month Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) were heavily hit by October’s decentralized finance (DeFi) downtrend, with the total value of assets managed by DAO’s crashing by 40% from 30 days ago.According to data from DeepDAO, the combined assets under management (AUM) controlled by DAOs was more than $290 million as of early October. By the second week of November, the AUM of DAOs had fallen more than 50% to tag $140 million.As of this writing, DAOs currently manage $172.7....

China Needs To Sort Out Its Corporate Debt, IMF Says

With so much volatility in fiat currency and stock markets, traditional debt-relief solutions are not a valuable option either. Interesting things are happening in the world of traditional finance these days. China, while often seen as a prosperous economy, has received a stern warning from the IMF. The country needs to address their corporate debt levels before things spiral out of control. This will put a lot of pressure on entrepreneurs and corporations, which may cause citizens to flock to Bitcoin in the long run. China is one of the many countries in the world today dealing with a....