ViaBTC Capital|An Economic Analysis: Play to Earn or Play to Ponzi?

ViaBTC Capital|An Economic Analysis: Play to Earn or Play to Ponzi?

Since 2021, Play to Earn (P2E) games have boomed. Following the success of Axie, all kinds of P2E games have popped up to join the feast, each demonstrating unique advantages in this carnival. Some projects beat all the first-gen GameFi projects with improved gameplay but became outdated as the GameFi popularity dwindled. Some project teams […]

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Why Play-and-Earn is better than Play-to-Earn

There is a change happening in blockchain gaming. After its astronomical rise over the course of the past year, many successful games are trying to address concerns about sustainability by focusing more on gameplay, graphics, and storytelling in order to retain players. This shift from Play-to-Earn to Play-and-Earn shows the maturing of blockchain gaming after […]

How OpiPets Is Changing The Play-To-Earn Environment

We’re now into just the second year of play-to-earn prevalence, and while there is still a long journey towards market maturity for NFTs, blockchain technology, and P2E platforms, there is still plenty to takeaway in the brief time that the market has evolved. Play-to-earn atmospheres have proven that the way we engage with gaming titles, […]

BeaRex Launches the World-First Play-And-Earn Game Based on Instagram AR Mask

BeaRex, the first blockchain-based Play-and-Earn runner, announces the launch of its beta version of an Instagram AR Mask game that will make it even more exciting and engaging in its bright universe. BeaRex redefines the Play-and-Earn gaming category by bringing together Free2Play / Play2Earn gamers and NFT investors into one collaborative ecosystem. Play-and-Earn is a […]

How to Identify the Best Play-to-Earn Games?

Anyone fairly acquainted with the blockchain and gaming industry must have heard of Play-to-Earn games and the sway these hold amongst the community. Trends from the last few years indicate exponential growth both in terms of user base and revenue. And given the present market dynamics and the craze around NFTs, the Play-to-Earn space seems […]

Heroes of Arcan Announces Community-Driven Heroic Fantasy Play-to-Earn Game

PRESS RELEASE. Heroes of Arcan aims to create a play-to-earn game that offers players engaging, challenging peer-to-peer strategic gameplay backed by ethical, carbon-neutral blockchain technology. The play-to-earn revolution has catalyzed global change in blockchain and cryptocurrency markets, with over 750,000 individual blockchain wallets now participating in play-to-earn and NFT-based games on a daily basis. With over $4 billion USD invested in play-to-earn games by Venture Capital over the course of 2021, blockchain-based games that allow players to earn real-world currency by playing....