Bitcoin Bear Market Comes Down To Pivotal June Close

Bitcoin Bear Market Comes Down To Pivotal June Close

Bitcoin price is still below $40,000, after just weeks ago trading at over $64,000 per coin. The selloff shocked market participants of all sizes, prompting fears that the bull market is now over and a bear phase is next. A trader who predicted this recent collapse months in advance using high timeframe technical analysis, now […]

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Bitcoin price ended last week with a sharp, $3,000 decline, but the leading cryptocurrency by market cap is already right back where it left off, nearly retesting above $19,000 and setting a new all-time high. Even if the cryptocurrency pulls back again before the clock strikes 7:00 PM ET, the chances of a pivotal November close outside of the Bollinger Bands remain high. Here’s why this is so important, and what this might mean for […]

Five Bullish Monthly Charts That Suggest Bitcoin Will Blast Off

Tomorrow is the last day of the month of July, and Bitcoin is at a pivotal moment in its lifetime. The crossroads of a possible bear market or bullish continuation is here, and the path chosen will dictate the trend for potentially months or years to come. The monthly timeframe could provide clues as to what might be next, and we’ve got five ultra bullish technical charts and reasons why Bitcoin is more likely to blast off than fall further from here. Critical Monthly Close Could Determine Crypto Cycle Crossroads Bitcoin is back at around $40,000 after a long drawn out and dramatic....

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Bitcoin Price Low Getting Close

"It is always darkest before dawn." Wise words indeed. For Bitcoin bulls and/or people on the outside looking in, it must be starting to look like Bitcoin is a very bad investment. But this selling is (at worst) almost finished. Within days, the market will turn and start an advance that will cause traders to quickly forget the events of the past few weeks and months. If you will recall, we noted in an earlier article that the time-frame between 12/17 - 12/29 was flagged as an energetic period, and the likely end of the bear market. For reasons not thoroughly spelled out here, I believed....

Predicting The Bitcoin Bull Top And Bear Bottom With Ichimoku

The Bitcoin June candle close is ugly, and clearly shows indecision in the market. Is the bull market structure broken, or are new highs still likely this year? No one knows, and price action has reached a stalemate. However, the Ichimoku indicator could not only provide information on what happens if support holds or fails […]