Orchid adds a new 'secret shopper' oracle for greater transparency

Orchid adds a new 'secret shopper' oracle for greater transparency

Picking Chainlink over its competitors was an easy decision for Waterhouse. Decentralized VPN Orchid is adding a Chainlink oracle that, like a “secret shopper,” samples bandwidth pricing from all the providers in the network. Orchid co-founder Steven Waterhouse explained the importance of this feature, stating, “The basic idea is in decentralized services like Orchid, where we have a decentralized VPN, there's no way of really knowing exactly [how much a provider might charge]. A provider might say they’re charging a certain amount, we don't really know until you try it. So we wrote some....

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Chainalysis launches free sanctions screening tools

Blockchain-data analytics company Chainalysis has announced an accelerated launch of two sanctions screening tools, an on-chain oracle, and an API, to help provide greater regulatory oversight to exchanges and DeFi projects. Blockchain-data analysis firm Chainalysis has announced the fast-tracked launch of two primary ‘sanctions screening’ tools that it will provide free of charge to the cryptocurrency industry. According to the report provided by Chainalysis on March 10, the screening tools include two main components of new tracking software that will assist exchanges in screening....

First-Ever Public Oracle on Tron Blockchain Set to Launch in Q1 2021!

Public oracle project, Bridge Oracle successfully completed the launch of its mainnet on Tron blockchain on Thursday. The mainnet launch aims to give Tron blockchain users access to implementing real-world decentralized applications, or DApps, by connecting them to off-chain data.  Bridge Oracle, a Tron-based public oracle aiming to play a similar role to Chainlink on Ethereum, announced the launch of its mainnet on Thursday through email. Touted as the first-ever public oracle project on Tron’s […]

Bridge Oracle Soon to Launch Mainnet

Bridge Oracle will soon be launching services on its mainnet that will permit users to implement real-world DApps on the Tron network with the help of Bridge Oracle. Bridge Oracle is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of its mainnet services. The mainnet will enable users to deploy real-world connected decentralized applications using Bridge Oracle […]