Data Shows Bitcoin Still Highly Correlated With Stock Market

Data Shows Bitcoin Still Highly Correlated With Stock Market

Data shows the Bitcoin correlation with the stock market has been high in recent months as the crypto has been closely following S&P 500 and NASDAQ. Bitcoin Has Continued To Mimic Movements Of The US Stock Market In 2022 As per the latest weekly report from Arcane Research, while BTC has been more volatile than […]

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Data shows the correlation between the Bitcoin price and the stock market is going up, putting the “digital gold” narrative at risk. Bitcoin’s Correlation With The Stock Market Has Shot Up In Recent Times As per the latest weekly report from Arcane Research, BTC’s price has increasingly become correlated with the stock market in the […]

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Reports that global banking giants helped criminals launder money for close to two decades helped spark the crash of global stock markets on Monday, September 21. Also tumbling in tandem with stocks were cryptocurrencies thus leading to renewed concerns that digital assets are intertwined with the global financial system. However, these concerns are dismissed by Max Keiser, a bitcoin pioneer and a Wall Street analyst who insists that bitcoin behaves differently. Keiser’s latest comments about bitcoin were prompted by remarks made by one Twitter user who questions the commonly held....

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Bitcoin’s price has lacked directionality throughout the past several days and weeks, with both buyers and sellers reaching an impasse This has come about as it continues trading squarely in the middle of its long-held trading range between $10,200 and $11,200 Despite being closely correlated to the stock market, yesterday’s intense equities rebound was not enough to pull Bitcoin higher The cryptocurrency still remains below multiple key levels One analytics firm still believes that the […]

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Bitcoin seems to be more correlated with the stock market since the Covid-19 pandemic went global in 2020. The first cryptocurrency by market cap has been rejected for the second time around the $40,000 and now trades slightly south at $39,954, at the time of writing. A new study published by the Singapore bank DBS […]

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Last night, current United States President Donald J. Trump faced off against former Vice President and challenger Joe Biden in the first of three debates. Data shows, that following each debate, things have turned bad for the stock market, which could, in turn, mean even worse for Bitcoin. Here’s why the stock market tumbling due […]