Croatia’s largest supermarket chain now accepts crypto

Croatia’s largest supermarket chain now accepts crypto

While it now accepts crypto online, Konzum plans to expand the new payment option to its physical chain stores soon. Konzum, the largest supermarket chain in Croatia, is keeping up with the times by debuting payments in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC).The company officially announced on Monday that it now accepts nine cryptocurrencies for payment in its online store, allowing customers to use crypto to buy groceries, hygiene products and household supplies.According to the announcement, the supported cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Ether (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), EOS (EOS), Dai....

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Customers of the largest supermarket chain in Croatia will be able to pay with cryptocurrency for their orders in the retailer’s online shop. The company plans to soon offer the crypto payment option also at its physical stores throughout the country. Konzum Allows Shoppers in Croatia to Pay With 9 Cryptocurrencies Croatia’s supermarket chain with the largest number of stores, Konzum, is now accepting cryptocurrency for groceries and other items sold through its online shopping platform. Starting from Dec. 1, customers can buy any of the 12,000 listed products using nine....

Croatia’s Largest Supermarket Chain Rolls Out Bitcoin Payments

Bitcoin has spread its wings far and wide and no nation has been left out. All around the globe, there is bitcoin adoption going on, both as a payment method as well as an investment option. The latest company to implement bitcoin as a method is Croatian supermarket giant, Konzum. The move was announced on Wednesday as part of the chain’s mission to drive crypto payment adoption across its stores. Pay For Groceries With Bitcoin In the announcement, Konzum states that customers are now able to pay across its stores with bitcoin. Purchases for things like groceries, hygiene and household....

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Croatia is embracing crypto at an exponential rate. Earlier in the week, Konzum announced it will accept cryptocurrency payments in its online store. This is phase one for Croatia’s largest supermarket chain, the company plans to roll out the service in all of its stores. The country is quickly becoming one of the friendliest for […]

Croatia’s Largest Retail Chain Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments Online

Konzum has enabled bitcoin payments in its online shop, with plans to soon add the option in its physical stores.

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