Bitcoin’s Ongoing Surge is Its “Most Important Breakout” Ever: Analyst

Bitcoin’s Ongoing Surge is Its “Most Important Breakout” Ever: Analyst

Bitcoin has surged higher once again as buyers continue to rush in. The coin just hit a new year-to-date high of $13,650. The cryptocurrency is expected to move higher as Bitcoin has moved above a pivotal technical pattern on a macro scale. It also brings the cryptocurrency above the $12,000 resistance. Bitcoin Undergoes Pivotal Breakout Bitcoin has surged higher once again as buyers continue to rush in. The leading cryptocurrency has just hit a new […]

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Bitcoin’s Ongoing Surge Could Gain Steam as Shorts Are Underwater

Bitcoin has seen immense volatility over recent days. The coin currently trades for $13,800, above the $13,200 lows on Monday but below the daily highs at $14,100 and the weekend highs at that same level. Bitcoin is currently up around 1.5% in the past 24 hours. Some analysts think that the coin is primed to move higher due to the futures market. One analyst shared data showing that the cryptocurrency’s futures markets are clearly bearish […]

Analyst: Breaking This One Level Could Send Bitcoin to $14,000+

Bitcoin’s price has been consolidating in the time following its strong surge up to highs of $11,400 The cryptocurrency has yet to revert any of these gains and appears to be gearing up for another big push higher Where the market trends next will likely depend on BTC, as it has been firmly guiding the altcoin crypto market One analyst is now noting that Bitcoin could soon see a move to over $14,000, but he […]

Bitcoin’s Move Higher Is Still a “Fadable” Rally, Analyst Says

Bitcoin has surged decisively higher over the past 72 hours, moving from the $10,600 range to as high as $11,500 on Friday evening. As of this article’s writing, the leading cryptocurrency trades for $11,350, just around 9% above the weekly lows. Despite this decisive surge higher, not everyone is convinced that Bitcoin will continue its ascent. Not Everyone Is Convinced of Bitcoin’s Move Higher One crypto-asset trader noted that the ongoing move higher is still […]

Bitcoin’s Strong Monthly Close Indicates October Will be a Green Month

Bitcoin’s recent bout of consolidation is still ongoing, but bulls appear to be in the process of attempting to break this trend The cryptocurrency is currently pushing towards its $11,000 resistance, which is a positive sign that indicates a test of this level may be imminent That being said, where it trends in the days and weeks ahead may depend largely on whether or not it can continue holding above some key levels One analyst […]

US Presidential Election Unlikely to Alter Bitcoin’s Path: Analyst

Crypto analyst George McDonaugh says that the U.S. presidential election is unlikely to change the bitcoin price’s upward trajectory. He draws on a number of fundamental and technical factors to illustrate his point. For example, McDonaugh argues that the recent surge in the price of bitcoin (BTC) is actually part of a sustained rally since the ‘Covid capitulation’ event back in March. “Since then we’ve seen nothing but bullish signals appear one after another,” McDonaugh said, in thoughts shared with “We’ve seen four....