Here’s Why Bitcoin’s Latest Monthly Close Has Struck a Blow to Its Bear Case

Here’s Why Bitcoin’s Latest Monthly Close Has Struck a Blow to Its Bear Case

Bitcoin had a major macro candle close yesterday, posting both its monthly and quarterly candle. Although BTC saw little volatility heading into this close, the cryptocurrency was able to hold well-above $10,500 before and after it took place, which provided bulls with a serious boost. Overnight, the strength resulting from this close allowed Bitcoin to […]

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Today is September 30, and while for most all it does is mark the last day of the month, for Bitcoin, it marks an incredibly critical monthly candle close. The first-ever cryptocurrency is retesting an important resistance level turned support on monthly timeframes, and holding strong could be a confirmation of a breakout from the […]

Analysts pinpoint bull and bear scenarios as Bitcoin price dips below $56K

BTC price dropped below $56,000 again, leading analysts to discuss various bull and bear scenarios for Bitcoin’s short term price action. Cooler heads are calling for a collective deep breath and a step back to see the long-term outlook for the future of Bitcoin (BTC) price and the wider crypto market, but today's drop back under $56,000 is raising eyebrows among traders.Data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView shows that after starting the week near $60,000, several days of bears hammering the price of Bitcoin resulted in a revisit to $55,600.BTC/USDT 1-day chart. Source:....

5 indicators traders can use to know when a crypto bear market is ending

Calling a market bottom is impossible, but traders can use these five indicators to get an early signal of when a bear market is close to ending. The bull market is gone and the reality of a long crypto winter is surely giving traders a bad case of the shivers. Bitcoin’s (BTC) price has fallen to lows not even the bears expected, and some investors are likely scratching their heads and wondering how BTC will come back from this epic decline. Prices are dropping daily, and the current question on everyone’s mind is: “when will the market bottom and how long will the bear market last?”While....

Bitcoin fails ‘worst-case scenario’ monthly close for the first time, starts ...

PlanB’s floor model misses its target in a historic first as fresh bear pressure mounts for Bitcoin price action. Bitcoin (BTC) has failed to hit the November closing price demanded by one of its best-known models — but its creator is not giving up.In a Twitter post on Dec. 1, PlanB said that he would give his floor model one more month to prove itself.BTC floor model on probation BTC/USD should have rounded out November in a “worst-case scenario” of $98,000, but a combination of factors conspired to produce a much lower monthly close.At close to $57,000, the pair firmly missed its target,....

Here’s How the U.S. Dollar’s Macro Bearishness Could Send Bitcoin Flying

Bitcoin is currently consolidating following its sharp decline seen yesterday The cryptocurrency is lacking momentum as its bulls and bears both seem to reach an impasse, which has struck a blow to its technical outlook One of the main reasons why BTC saw such a harsh rejection at $13,800 was due to a sudden surge in the US Dollar’s value seen yesterday This sent shockwaves throughout the market and stopped BTC from breaking the resistance […]