Bitcoin Creates A New Type Of Property Ownership

Bitcoin Creates A New Type Of Property Ownership

Bitcoin derives its monetary value from the fact that it is a new type of property that is independent and autonomous, amoral and apolitical.This is an opinion editorial by Jens Bucher, a contributor at Bitcoin Magazine.Bitcoin is a topic that stirs the passions in a way few other topics, perhaps barring CrossFit or veganism, tend to do. As Bitcoin increasingly comes under attack from governments and media, it is doubly unfortunate to see passionate defenders of Bitcoin produce such passionately incorrect apologia. This article is my attempt to cut down on the laser-eye profile picture....

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Digital property rights bring the connection between the internet and the economy into modernity.

Is Bitcoin A New Type Of Property?

Bitcoin may eventually be labeled as a brand new type of property in the U.S. and U.K. because it doesn’t physically exist in any one specific location.

Smart Property in Action

Smart property is to deeds as Bitcoin is to money. In the same way that Bitcoin revolutionized the concept of currency, smart property revolutionizes the concept of ownership, removing the need for a central authority to say who owns what. Our system of ownership is just one in a growing line of things to be decentralized, but will inevitably be among the most important. The question is, how can we enforce such a system without the firepower backing modern courts? For those of you still trying to grasp this idea, it's helpful to remember that bitcoins are not actually things: Bitcoin is a....

Ascribe Helps You Manage Your Copyright on Blockchain

Earlier on NewsBTC we discussed about various uses of Blockchain technology. One of the applications we discussed about is regarding its use in managing and defending intellectual property. Presenting Ascribe, a company working along the same lines. Ascribe offers its intellectual property management services to the artists, collectors and galleries. Gone were the days when artists used to paint on canvas and waited days for the paint to dry so that they can paint a fresh coat. Most of the arts now used on computers or other digital devices. Unlike conventional physical paintings and....

Blockchain Real Use Case: Land Inventory in Africa and Beyond

In developing countries the right to own landed properties as a priority can be placed just behind the right to life. Using Nigeria as a typical example, every piece of land is claimed, whether on record or not. Besides lands found almost in the middle of nowhere, ancestral ownership and transfer of such remains an unbroken tradition in defining the ownership of landed properties. There have been numerous cases involving the claim of property between the nation state and the local custodians. This occurs mostly when there is the need for the government to acquire such a property for the....