Analytics Firm: 200,000 Bitcoin is Currently Locked Within OKEx’s Wallets

Analytics Firm: 200,000 Bitcoin is Currently Locked Within OKEx’s Wallets

News regarding the OKEx founder being arrested by the Chinese government has created some fear amongst crypto investors He holds the keys to the cryptocurrency that is locked within the platform, making it impossible for the exchange to conduct any withdraws while he is in police custody Although the bull case is that this could reduce the supply of BTC circulating on the market, it would also strike a heavy blow to investors who used […]

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Huobi, one of OKEx’s biggest competitors, ensured its users that its platform is “currently operating normally,” after OKEx announced that it has suspended all cryptocurrency withdrawals indefinitely.

Bitcoin Company Harborly Enters US Markets

Bitcoin retail company Harborly recently announced to expand into the United States, one of the world's highly emerging digital currency markets. The Texan company, which is already operational in Canada, further discussed its future plans to attract the US customers, saying that it will be bringing in some new features to their platform, in addition to its Bitcoin purchase and selling services. One of these features, as Harborly added, is a Bitcoin value locking service, titled "Locked Wallets". Excerpt: "Locked Wallets give users the ability to lock the price of their Bitcoin to various....

$22M in Bitcoin moves from Huobi to OKEx despite withdrawal freeze

Someone is pouring Bitcoin to OKEx despite the exchange having suspended withdrawals. Large Bitcoin (BTC) transactions from Huobi cryptocurrency exchange are moving to OKEx despite the latter having temporarily suspended crypto withdrawals.According to data from crypto tracking service Whale Alert, a total of 1,995 BTC ($22.5 million) was sent from Huobi to OKEx shortly after OKEx officially announced it was suspending withdrawals on Oct. 16.The funds were transferred in two separate BTC transactions worth 998 BTC ($11.3 million) and 997 BTC ($11.3 million) at 3:51 a.m. EST and 06:22 a.m.....

OKEx’s lips remain sealed on its sudden crypto withdrawal freeze

OKEx’s secrecy around locking customer withdrawals has led to misinformation and confusion around what’s happening with the exchange. For nearly a week, uncertainty as to why OKEx suddenly suspended its cryptocurrency withdrawals on Oct. 16 has lingered on. The ongoing suspension has been puzzling to many, but the exchange’s representatives maintain that the move was solely because one of the company’s private key holders has been cooperating with a Chinese public security bureau. With one of OKEx’s three keyholders now in question, the exchange’s multisignature authorization process....

DeFi Angels, VC Firms Back $2M Round for Data Provider Dune Analytics

Ethereum data firm Dune Analytics, which has stood out from the pack for its focus on DeFi projects, has raised a $2 million seed round.