Crypto Market Expert Identifies The Trigger For 600% Bitcoin Price Surge

Crypto Market Expert Identifies The Trigger For 600% Bitcoin Price Surge

In a recent analysis, a crypto market expert has discovered key elements that could trigger a massive surge in the Bitcoin price.  Crypto Expert Reveals Bitcoin Price Surge Catalyst Head of Research at CoinShares, James Butterfill has published an in-depth analysis of a revelation that could catalyze a significant increase in Bitcoin’s price. Butterfill’s research delves deep into the present dynamics of the crypto market surrounding the potential approval of Spot Bitcoin ETFs and the inflows that could follow.  Related Reading: Argentina Welcomes First Pro-Bitcoin President, BTC Price....

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Bitcoin price has surged higher after a protracted consolidation below 2900 CNY and $440. Technical analysis of the price chart identifies some advance targets. It is difficult to ascribe reasons or causes for today’s surge. According to the most immediate risk event – the potential XT hardfork on 11 January – today’s move could be judged premature. It is also easy to point to this week’s China stock market crash and say that investor fear, compounded by a government imposed stocks selling ban, is driving funds into bitcoin. However, we cannot be sure that this is the only or main dynamic....