Crypto Accounting Reform: US Regulations Expected By Year-End

Crypto Accounting Reform: US Regulations Expected By Year-End

Crypto accounting is undergoing a seismic shift in the United States as the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) unanimously approves new rules governing the fair valuation of companies’ cryptocurrency holdings, according to recent reports.  The move, widely anticipated and applauded by the financial industry, aims to bring transparency and consistency to a rapidly evolving sector. […]

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In the Spring of 2015, the Federal Communications Commission modified its common carrier regulations to include Internet Service Providers (ISP), essentially creating net neutrality in the United States. Now, Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush hopes to reverse the FCC’s decisions and overturn those regulations, returning the ISP industry to the way it used to be. Bush’s argument for repealing net neutrality maintains that the regulations hinder consumer welfare — rather than increasing it — and harm smaller ISPs. Bush’s official campaign website published a blog post titled “The....

Here’s Why 2024 Will See Bitcoin On Apple, Amazon, Or Google’s Balance Sheet

In a groundbreaking move, US accounting standard-setters have unanimously voted to introduce new accounting rules for businesses with significant holdings in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. This decision, expected to be published by year-end, could pave the way for tech giants like Apple, Amazon, and Google to include Bitcoin and altcoins on their balance […]

Texan Congressman To Introduce Virtual Currency Tax Reform Act

Earlier today, Congressman Stockman (TX-36) announced on his website in a press release that he plans to introduce the "Virtual Currency Tax Reform Act." I wish he had taken it a step further and called it the "Digital Currency Tax Reform Act," but one can only have so many wins in a day. This piece of legislation, if enacted, would revise the IRS Virtual Currency Guidance released very late last month. Instead of treating virtual currencies such as Bitcoin as property, the Virtual Currency Tax Reform Act will call for their treatment as currency. The exact text of the proposed legislation....

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Blockchain representatives from each of the 'Big Four' accounting firms are set to meet this morning with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants to discuss establishing a distributed ledger consortium. Held at Microsoft's headquarters in New York City, the event marks the first meeting between blockchain specialists from Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG and PwC. Collectively, the accounting firms in attendance last year generated $123.7bn revenue. The gathering is being hosted by ethereum-focused startup Consensys. According to Consensys head of blockchain accounting,....