A Stable/Bullish Bitcoin Puts Chainlink (LINK) On Road to $20: Analyst

A Stable/Bullish Bitcoin Puts Chainlink (LINK) On Road to $20: Analyst

If Bitcoin achieves stability or further bullishness in the sessions ahead, it could help its rival asset Chainlink (LINK) add more value to its market capitalization.

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Chainlink (LINK) has emerged as one of the top cryptocurrencies in the last week following an impressive market performance which saw the token gain by 46.49% in the past seven days. Even amidst whale movements, which suggest that investors are taking profit, LINK has managed to maintain its bullish momentum, gaining by 6.10% in the last day to above the $11 mark. However, despite the positive sentiment that has currently overwhelmed the LINK market, some analysts believe the token may be due for a major retracement.  Related Reading: Chainlink (LINK) Surge Far From Done As Crypto Analyst....

Analyst: “Cycle Lows” For Chainlink May Be In, Expect $14 Next

Chainlink (LINK) has experienced a strong decline after peaking at around $20 in August. At the recent lows, the coin traded around as low as $8, meaning that it had declined by 60%. LINK may be poised to revert to its bullish stance though as the coin forms a bottom formation, analysts say. Related Reading: […]

Chainlink Bullish Signal: Whales Continue To Load Up Their Bags

On-chain data shows that large Chainlink holders have been buying during the past two weeks, a sign that’s positive for the coin’s rally. Chainlink Sharks & Whales Have Added Another $53 Million In LINK As pointed out by analyst Ali in a post on X, the large LINK investors have been buying recently. The indicator […]

Charted: Chainlink (LINK) Looks Ready For Another Leg Higher Over $15

Chainlink (LINK) remained stable above the $11.50 support and started a fresh increase, similar to bitcoin. The price is now trading above $13.50 and it could continue to rise above $15.00. Chainlink token price regained traction and climbed above $13.00 against the US dollar. The price is now trading above $13.50 and settled above the […]

Chainlink Traders Should Check These Factors Before Cutting Losses

Chainlink price has consistently been negative as seen in the past couple of hours.         Chainlink outskirting other cryptocurrencies with higher market cap         The crypto is registering weekly gains of 13%; with no red zones         LINK price down by 9.25% Looks can deceive and Chainlink (LINK) is a proof of that as it outskirts other altcoins that have comparably higher market cap. Chainlink is performing at its peak as seen in the past seven days, registering heightened gains of 13% with no reds evident on the charts. Today, the market was looking bullish but hints a negative....