7 lessons learned from building and scaling Bitcoin mining operations

7 lessons learned from building and scaling Bitcoin mining operations

Building industrial-scale BTC mining farms isn’t easy, but learning from the experience of others will help you to navigate your next moves in crypto mining. It all started with mining Bitcoin (BTC) in a dorm room. What started as a hobby with a few mining rigs scaled into twenty industry-scale mining farms across the globe. Because we scaled our operations in a new industry, we had to discover what worked and what didn’t through trial and error — because there’s no handbook for this.Building a multi-site, scaled operation like ours isn’t easy, but if you’re looking to start your mining....

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BTC mining is an exciting and fast-scaling industry to be a part of. Just make sure that you set your roots down in the right place. Large-scale miners are the dominant players in Bitcoin (BTC) mining — we should know because we are one. Having scaled up from a set of mining rigs in my dorm room, our team at Genesis Digital Assets has grown to over twenty industrial-scale mining farms across the globe in just eight years. Every quarter, we continue to scale and build more.You may think that because mining happens digitally, you can plant a farm anywhere in the world. And while you can mine....

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