By The Numbers: How A Bitcoin ETF Can Become Most Tracked Strategy

By The Numbers: How A Bitcoin ETF Can Become Most Tracked Strategy

Senior Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) analyst for Bloomberg Intelligence Eric Balchunas recently discussed the reasons behind his optimisms on a Bitcoin ETF approval in the U.S. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has constantly shut down these petitions, but certain signals suggest more hope for 2021. Balchunas said that a Bitcoin ETF approval has become […]

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It’s time for another edition of “By The Numbers.” This time, we’ll use a pseudonymous analyst’s numbers to find out if Tesla is in the red when it comes to their Bitcoin holdings. The caveat here is, if bitcoin’s price loses the $30K level, could Tesla’s board pressure Elon Musk into selling? And if they […]

My Dinner with Adam Back, by Roger Ver

About a week ago, at the NYC Consensus conference I was fortunate enough to get to spend four hours over dinner with Adam Back of Blockstream, and Kristov Atlas of My Dinner with Adam Back. I’ll do my best to summarize the topics of conversation over those four hours, although I’m sure I will miss some important points. Firstly, Adam....

Understanding The Importance Of Strategy In Everything We Do

We’ve all heard the term, “Practice Makes Perfect”, but have you ever thought about the reason practice makes perfect? Believe it or not, the reason revolves around the idea of creating a strategy. When you start, you generally start with nothing. However, as you practice, you start to build a strategy around what you’re doing, making it more efficient. This is true in just about everything. From cooking to banking, investing, construction, and more, strategies are important. Today, we’ll talk about what a strategy is, why it’s important to have one in just about anything we do, and how to....

Bitcoin Price Watch - Volatility Just Round the Corner?

Towards the end of last week we published our twice-daily bitcoin price piece with a specific focus on how the bitcoin price had ranged relatively tightly throughout the majority of the week and that we had altered our strategy is likely to incorporate this action. Now, the BTCUSD has matured over the weekend, and we are heading into a fresh week of trading. As our strategy altered, how was action performed over the weekend, and what are the levels that we will be looking at in the bitcoin price over the coming few days? Take a quick look at the chart. As the chart shows, action over the....

By The Numbers: DOGE Achieves The Impossible, New ATH with BTC Pair

Breaking into the crypto top 10 by market cap, Dogecoin (DOGE) has had an impressive run over the past day. Many fail to understand the rally and its fundaments, but numbers tell a straightforward story. DOGE is trading at $0,39 with a 197.3% profit in the 24-hour hours. In the past week, the cryptocurrency is […]