The People Will See The Value In Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work

The People Will See The Value In Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work

It is evident that proof-of-work is a pure representation of free-market forces as opposed to the control of proof-of-stake.This is an opinion editorial by Ulric Pattillo, contributor at Bitcoin Magazine and co-author of the Declaration of Monetary Independence.A Note From The AuthorIt has been a bit over one year since my first article in Bitcoin Magazine. My heart was compelled to write what I felt my friends and family needed to hear. My writings are not overly technical or featuring groundbreaking news. My goal has been to create timeless content that makes multiple cases for Bitcoin....

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While centralized exchanges might think they want to promote proof-of-stake blockchain projects, they misunderstand the value of Bitcoin’s proof-of-work model.

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The lightning Network is a pure proof-of-stake system, but it will be based on the Bitcoin network in a trustless manner, and guaranteed by Bitcoin’s proof-of-work. To quite some people, the connection between creativity and financial freedom has remained invisible for quite some time now. But Andreas Antonopoulos pointed out how there is a distinct correlation between creativity and what fine-grained components have to offer. Andreas Antonopoulos: “Bitcoin Has A Lot of Exciting New Features.” One of the more prominent very few people are aware of is how Bitcoin will have a hybrid....

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To understand Bitcoin, people need to understand Proof-Of-Work. It might be the most crucial aspect of the network. Proof-Of-Work provides security, resolves the issuance problem, and guarantees “a ledger of ownership and transactions that is beyond dispute.” And that’s just the beginning. How does Proof-Of-Work accomplish all that? That’s what this section is all about. […]

EU Parliament Backtracks Ban On Bitcoin’s Proof-Of-Work

The ECON committee voted against a provision that would limit Proof-of-Work mining in the EU, passing an alternative rule.