Bitcoin can reach $400K in 2021 as 'risk-off reserve asset' — Bloomberg

Bitcoin can reach $400K in 2021 as 'risk-off reserve asset' — Bloomberg

With institutions demanding protection from inflation and dollar depreciation, historical trends could see BTC/USD 8X from current prices, says Bloomberg Intelligence. Bitcoin (BTC) still gets criticized for being too volatile, but one Bloomberg analyst believes that it conversely is becoming a "risk-off" choice for investors.In a tweet on March 25, Mike McGlone, senior commodity strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence, said that this year marked a watershed moment for the largest cryptocurrency.$400,000 BTC would "rhyme" with historyMcGlone uploaded a chart of the BTC/USD average price and....

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Why is Bloomberg predicting a Bitcoin price at 400K in 2021?

Bitcoin has picked up its bullish momentum in the last 24 hours. High levels of Institutional adoption, fundamentals, and on-chain indicators look bullish and point to an extension of the rally, at least, in the long term. In a recent report, Senior Commodity Strategist for Bloomberg Intelligence, Mike McGlone, states that Bitcoin is in a […]

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