Bitcoin Cash Bulls Charge: 13% Price Rally Driven By Fresh Demand

Bitcoin Cash Bulls Charge: 13% Price Rally Driven By Fresh Demand

The price of Bitcoin Cash has experienced significant rise over the course of the last 30 days, resulting in favorable returns for investors. Since July, BCH holders have continuously maintained a positive perspective, which has reduced the frequency of selling activity. This collective sentiment has played a significant role in the upward trajectory of BCH, consequently yielding favorable outcomes for these holders. The price of BCH has increased by about 13% over the previous week, giving it some of the biggest gains in the last seven days for cryptocurrency assets. According to....

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Bitcoin's recent price rally received extensive coverage on various mainstream media outlets. The recent price rally exhibited by Bitcoin took the mainstream media by surprise. While the cryptocurrency community was waiting for it, others didn’t really expect it to happen so soon. Bitcoin, like any other commodity, is driven by demand and supply. In the past few weeks, the demand for Bitcoin has been high due to various economic and political factors across the world. Increased demand from investors looking for alternate financial assets, has driven its price above $900. Two months ago,....

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A “Perfect Storm” of Bitcoin Demand Trends are Driving the Bull Run

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XRP Price has witnessed consolidation between the $0.30 and $0.37 mark for a considerable number of trading sessions. Over the last 24 hours, the altcoin has managed to hover around the same price mark without losing its market value. In the past week, XRP price has lost 2% of its value. Lateral trading had caused buying strength of the coin to be be affected. For the bulls to take charge, it is important for XRP to break past its sideways trading. XRP had formed higher highs and higher lows at the end of July. The bulls don’t seem to be able to push past the $0.37 mark. This could....

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