Can “Coin Days Destroyed” Indicator Predict Bitcoin Tops?

Can “Coin Days Destroyed” Indicator Predict Bitcoin Tops?

Historical data of the “coin days destroyed” indicator versus the Bitcoin price may suggest the metric can help predict tops. The Bitcoin Coin Days Destroyed (CDD) Indicator As explained by an analyst in a CryptoQuant post, the coin days destroyed metric might be a reliable indicator for BTC tops. A “coin day” is defined as […]

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Quant explains how there may be a correlation between the Gemini Bitcoin netflow and BTC price tops, based on pattern of the last few years. Can Gemini Netflow Predict Bitcoin’s Price Tops? As posted by an analyst on CryptoQuant, the historical chart for the Gemini netflow (30-day MA) vs the price reveals there could be a correlation between the indicator and BTC tops. The Bitcoin netflow here refers to the net number of coins exiting or entering the crypto exchange Gemini. The indicator’s value is simply calculated by taking the difference between the inflows and the outflows.....

Can Elliott Waves Really Predict the Price of Bitcoin?

Elliott Waves are a popular yet controversial technical analysis indicator. This post will explore the relevance of Elliott Waves for bitcoin trends. Elliott Waves are a technical analysis indicator to predict future price trends. The principles of Elliott Waves are founded on the belief that markets follow predictable sequences of optimism and pessimism. The sequence of a bull market follows the below pattern. A bear market follows an exact opposite sequence. To learn how to apply Elliott Waves,watch this tutorial by DanV, a very popular Trading View bitcoin chartist.

Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 18/1/2015

As we predicted a couple of days ago, the price of bitcoin continued to rise and reached $211 at the time of writing of this article. Our analysis for today continues on the same line of our analysis on the 16th of January, which used Fibonacci fan resistance lines to predict resistance and support lines. By studying the Bitfinex 1 hour chart from (look at the below chart), we can see that the price started rising sharply about 10 hours ago and recorded a high of over $221, before declining to around $206. The fall from $221 to $206 can be viewed as a 50% correction of the....

Shakeout Or Top? Here’s What Bitcoin SOPR Says About It

Bitcoin price has now declined to $56k; does that mean a top is in? Or is this just a shakeout? Here’s what the SOPR indicator says about it. The Bitcoin SOPR Indicator The BTC Spent Output Profit Ratio (or SOPR in short) is an on-chain indicator that estimates whether investors are selling at a profit or a loss. When the metric’s value is above one, it means coins that were moved during the period were sold, on an average, at a profit. While SOPR values less than one imply the overall market has been selling at a loss during the particular timescale. If the indicator starts....

Bitcoin Price in 2014

Mystery Chart showing Bitcoin price in USD on Gox (in logarithmic scale) plus Mystery Indicators. On August the 23rd of 2013, the so-called "Mystery Chart" thread was opened on BitcoinTalk. It shows a log scale of the Bitcoin price in USD on Gox, plus an unusual indicator. This indicator seems to plot a shallow sine wave, a moving average, an oscillator and... some frequencies? I really have no idea what that thing is, perhaps a Hilbert Sine Wave indicator with some mods, but it's certainly interesting... Especially as it did a great job of calling the recent double top! The thread title....