Hacker Exploit South Korean Exchange GDAC, Drains Over $14 Million

Hacker Exploit South Korean Exchange GDAC, Drains Over $14 Million

In the early hours of Sunday, South Korean crypto exchange GDAC hit a cyber attack resulting in losses of 23% of the exchange’s total custodial assets. The hacker transferred multiple crypto assets from the exchange’s hot wallet to an unknown wallet address, the firm revealed on April 10 on its website.  Following identifying the breach, […]

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Report: Two South Koreans Paid in Bitcoin to Spy for North Korea

South Korean law enforcement recently announced the arrest of a serving military captain and an operator of a cryptocurrency exchange on charges of spying for a North Korean hacker. In return for the acts of espionage, the two South Korean individuals were allegedly paid bitcoins worth a total of $637,789. South Korea’s Joint Command and Control Targeted Two South Korean citizens, a businessman running a crypto asset management firm and a serving captain of the country’s army, were arrested on suspicion of passing military secrets to a North Korean hacker. In....

New North Korea Hack Shows Enterprises Need The Blockchain

But the threats by North Korea extend to the cyberspace department as well. South Korean officials claim the North has “an effective cyber army”, which has been responsible for various attacks over the past few years. The war between North Korea and South Korea is still going on behind the scenes to this very day. A new report surfaced as to how North Korean hackers stole data of over 10 million South Korean shoppers. While these claims have yet to be proven, the police are investigating the data breach. Once again, this is a clear example of how more secure solutions are needed to....

U.S. Links North Korean Hacker Lazarus To $622 Million Axie Infinity Exploit

The Federal Bureau of Investigation connected North Korean hackers to a theft of bitcoin worth more than $600 million from a service associated with the popular crypto play-to-earn game Axie Infinity on Thursday. Although no one has publicly assigned blame for the intrusion, the US Treasury recognized a digital currency address used by the hackers […]

South Korean Authorities Seized $184 Million In Crypto Against Unpaid Taxes

Despite the South Korean Government’s deep interest in metaverse and web 3 technology, the country implements aggressive policies when it comes to regulations and taxation. As reported by local news outlet Yonhap News on Thursday, the South Korean Tax Authority has seized 260 billion won ($184.3 million) in crypto belonging to tax evaders. However, the […]

South Korean Gaming Giant Planning to Buy Crypto Exchange Bithumb for $460 Mi...

Nexon, the South Korean multi-billion-dollar gaming conglomerate, is reportedly planning to buy a 65% stake in troubled crypto exchange Bithumb in a deal worth about 500 billion won ($460 million). ● According to local media reports, Nexon is to buy all the shares owned by Bithumb chairman Lee Jung Hoon, including several others totaling up to 65% of the exchange’s outstanding shares. ● The Tokyo Stock Exchange-listed video gaming giant has since signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the sellers to facilitate the transaction. The MoU was signed at the beginning....