Here’s Where a “Bitcoin Bear Whale” Has Put Up a Massive Sell Wall

Here’s Where a “Bitcoin Bear Whale” Has Put Up a Massive Sell Wall

Bitcoin’s price action as of late has greatly favored buyers, with the cryptocurrency being caught within the throes of an intense bout of sideways trading just below $19,000 as buyers try to garner enough buy-side pressure to break through this level. The selling pressure here has been intense, but it has yet to catalyze any […]

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Bitcoin Sell Wall of Death Being Chomped

14 hours ago, users began reporting about the "biggest sell wall I've ever seen": a 31 000 bitcoin sell wall appeared mysteriously at 300 USD per bitcoin on Bitstamp. I must agree, this is the biggest sell wall I've ever seen. One thing that amazes me is how little the market has moved in those 14 hours since the Sell Wall of Death. 31 000 bitcoins is Now 15 000 bitcoins. Not only has the market refrained from panic selling below 300 USD per btc (where 275 USD became the lowest point), people are even chomping the Bitcoin sell wall. If you watch the order book and the live trades you can....

Market Analysis: Price Reversal

After Bitcoin hit the floor at $300, things have been looking upward. The main cause for this massive downward trend was a person sold 30,000 Bitcoins, all at the $300 mark. Once that massive sell wall was ridden of, the price of Bitcoin is going up now. Subsequently, most other coins are too. As you can see from the chart above, it only proves to further reinforce what has been previously stated. The downward trend hit the floor at around $300, with then a massive spike of volume where it then returned to regular volume levels, but the price trend is now moving upwards.

Bitcoin price holds $10.5K but a $30M sell wall looms overhead

A 2,800 BTC sell wall on Binance heightens the chance of a sell off and is keeping Bitcoin price trapped below $11K. According to Cole Garner, a well-respected on-chain analyst, there is a 2,800 BTC sell wall on Binance. With Bitcoin (BTC) price currently trading at $10,700, this is equivalent to a batch of sell orders worth $30 million on just one exchange.While it does not necessarily indicate that a market-wide pullback is imminent, it hints that a major rally remains unlikely. In the short term, BTC likely faces a low-volatility range between $10,500 and $11,000, two key support and....

Massive Bitcoin Sell Going On

Today we have seen a couple of massive sells taking place on Mt. Gox and now currently there has been put up a sell order of more than 1000 Bitcoins on As you can see from the Bitcoin graph below we just saw a new sell order of 1011 Bitcoins to the price of 641 USD per Bitcoin. Massive Bitcoin Sell order. Could this be related to the latest news about "Thousands of Hoarded Bitcoins Flood the Block Chain in Mystery Transaction"? There could be a big whale trying to sell off his coins, or some of his coins, from earlier Bitcoin-days. If this is so, we will have a "flooded"....

Bitcoin Price Analysis: One Strong Bear (Week of June 7)

Price at the time this article was written was: US$225.00. Last week’s article began with: “The price has broken below some significant levels and looks like it's going to test some very important levels below. The 50-day EMA has been a massive wall and it looks like the price has run out of energy trying to get and stay above it. Now a big test is coming, as price has broken below US$231, which has been mentioned in many previous articles as an area that needed to hold. Look for US$220 and the massive support area of US$210 to be tested.” So far the US$220 support level has held, but....