Analyst:’s YFI to Move Past $30,000 as Strength Mounts

Analyst:’s YFI to Move Past $30,000 as Strength Mounts’s YFI token has been surprisingly strong throughout the past few days, with its price holding well-within the mid-$20,000 region despite the selloff currently taking place across the aggregated crypto market. When Bitcoin was first rejected at $19,500 and began its decline, YFI moved in tandem and dropped to $18,000. The narrative built throughout the […]

Related News (YFI) Incurs Massive Selloff as Analyst Targets Crash to $6,000’s price has been caught within the throes of an intense downtrend throughout the past week, which came about due to various factors. The weakness seen throughout the aggregated DeFi sector certainly contributed to the decline’s governance token – called YFI – has seen as of late, but it appears to have been sparked […]’s YFI Could Soon Rally Past $20,000 as Technical Strength Grows’s YFI governance token has been struggling to gain any momentum throughout the past few days and weeks, with buyers aiming at sending the cryptocurrency significantly higher. YFI’s token has been flashing immense signs of strength throughout the past few weeks, with buyers taking control of its price action after massive inflows of selling pressure […]

Here’s Why’s YFI Could Soon Gain Some Explosive Momentum’s YFI token has seen massive gains from its multi-month lows of $7,500 set just a few weeks ago. The strength it has expressed since it drifted towards these lows has been impressive, with bulls laying a strong base of support within the lower-$20,000 region. It has yet to break below this level but is […]

Yearn.Finance’s Creator Says He’s Quit DeFi, but Project Has Bench Strength

Andre Cronje, the prolific coder and creator of Yearn, said he's quit the project – and decentralized finance (DeFi) altogether – out of frustration with its realities.

It’s “Bounce or Die” for’s YFI as Selling Pressure Ramps Up’s YFI token has seen some volatility over the past few days and weeks, which has mainly derived from that seen across the entire market. It has been closely mirroring the price action seen by the benchmark cryptocurrency and its other counterparts. Where YFI trends in the mid-term should depend largely on whether or not […]