DeFi Is About to Undergo a Radical Transformation

DeFi Is About to Undergo a Radical Transformation

Though decentralized finance is one of the dominant uses for blockchain technology today, it can be easy to forget that the industry is still in its very earliest stages of development. After all, just three years ago, automated market makers (AMMs), yield farms, algorithmic stablecoins, and more, were essentially non-existent. But now, thanks to the […]

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Music Streaming Service Radical. FM Opens Up to Bitcoin Donations

Radical. FM - a personal radio streaming service that's free of charge - is turning to the bitcoin community to help keep their offerings free to the public, according to a Friday announcement. The company describes itself in the following manner: Radical. FM is the most accurate streaming radio service in the world. We believe in a sustainable planet, global humanity, and local action. Radical is operated free of commercial interests on a Pay What You Can basis. We compensate artists, composers, and labels for all the music you stream. Donations received via the digital currency will be....

Will Decentralized Token Issuance Platforms Legitimize DeFi?

The DeFi industry is bound to undergo some crucial changes over the coming years. After noting initial successes, there are still serious concerns regarding the issuance of new tokens and Ethereum’s ecosystem fracturing. Addressing those issues requires out-of-the-box thinking. The Current DeFi Token Platform Issues For anyone who is not a degenerate decentralized finance enthusiast, […]

Blockchain Requires Radical Change, Not Compromise

To use radical new technology effectively, you have to be radical – otherwise, all you end up with is a retro-fitted version of the present system. The benefits of the new technology are watered down or overwhelmed by the need to maintain the practices associated with the old system – many of which only exist precisely because of its inefficiencies. The new technology can even seem less efficient than the old one, simply because it isn't designed for use with processes from the past. Blockchain and distributed ledger technology are radical. Together, they could transform the way finance....

Fractal Analysis: Bitcoin Will Undergo a Slight Correction Towards $11,000

Bitcoin may not sustain its highs after pushing as high as $11,500 on Friday evening. One trader recently noted that a simple fractal analysis suggests the coin will undergo a retracement after hitting $11,400. The trader said that the cryptocurrency has some similarities to price action around two weeks ago. While the fractal may be valid in its own right, the discussion around the next fiscal stimulus bill in the U.S. is likely to drive […]

Digital Transformation Law Draft Would Allow Users to Pay Mortgages With Cryp...

A new proposal of a digital transformation law, written by a group of lawmakers in Spain would introduce the possibility of paying mortgages with cryptocurrency. The law draft also gives different incentives for companies and organizations using and developing solutions using these technologies, including tax cuts. Banks are also included in the regulation, and the draft includes the use of smart contracts for managing some processes in these organizations. Spain Would Include Crypto in Its Mortgage System A new draft of a digital transformation law, presented by a group of lawmakers from....