Red Hot Ethereum: Breach Of $2,000 Draws Major Players Into the Fray

Red Hot Ethereum: Breach Of $2,000 Draws Major Players Into the Fray

The price of Ethereum (ETH) exhibited superior performance compared to Bitcoin (BTC) in the previous week, mostly because of the registration of Blackrock’s Spot ETF, which instilled optimism that ETH will surpass its previous peak in 2023 and exceed $2,500. Related Reading: Celestia Strikes: How This Lesser-Known Coin Went Berserk With 126% Price Explosion In a groundbreaking twist since the Ethereum (ETH) Shanghai upgrade earlier this year, the value of Ether has triumphantly surpassed the $2,000 milestone, propelled by the recent surge in Bitcoin (BTC) towards the $38,000 mark.....

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The DAO Breach Stops Ether Miner

Hashflare, likely the first of the non-Ethereum family to come out publicly as affected by the breach in the DAO contract, has suspended ETH mining activities. Following the breach experienced in The DAO contract, Hashflare has announced the suspension of its ETH mining activities. “It is our duty to let you know that due to the recent breach in the DAO contracts, ETH mining and withdrawals will be blocked until the breach is fixed,” the cloudmining company stated in a notice sent out to its subscribers. It adds: “At this exact moment, the developers of the DAO and Ethereum are working....

Bitcoin price unfazed after $150M hack of major exchange KuCoin

KuCoin reported a major security breach on Sep. 26, affecting Bitcoin, Ether, and ERC20 hot wallets while BTC and ETH prices remain unfazed. In an official statement, KuCoin Global CEO Johnny Lyu confirmed a major hacking attack on Sep. 26. The breach affected the firm’s Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), and ERC20 hot wallets, after private keys were leaked. Reports estimate the breach to have affected $150 million in user funds.Following the security breach, the price of Bitcoin barely moved, however. Other major cryptocurrencies, including Ether and decentralized finance (DeFi) tokens also....

KIBO to Provide Integrated Lottery Games Built on Ethereum Smart Contracts

Lottery players worldwide will soon be able to compete for winnings in games that operate transparently over the Internet and receive payment immediately in cryptocurrency. Players will have access to full information on draws, wins and other transactions within the system. The system provides transparency of all processes, which indicates it offers fair play. Kibo Partners PTE. Ltd., based in Singapore, is readying the global launch of KIBO, a decentralized gaming platform built on Ethereum smart contracts. The smart contract’s architecture provides all game rules, which cannot be changed....

Staked Ethereum Hits New All-Time Highs Ahead Of The Merge

Ethereum was formerly developed as a PoW blockchain. However, it’s been planning to transition to PoS through an upgrade tagged the merge. The process, which has different phases, is almost getting to completion as the date for the merge draws closer. The target is September 15 and would finally merge the Ethereum mainnet and the […]

Tempers Fray as Ethereum London Hard Fork Given Aug 4 Rollout Date

Co-founder of, Anthony Sassano, gives the Ethereum mainnet London hard fork a tentative Aug 4 rollout date. However, this depends on the success of the Rinkeby testnet, which is scheduled for release this Wednesday. Crypto YouTuber Lark Davies chimed in by saying it could be delayed months beyond Aug 4. But we’ll know more […]