Tag Heuer Launched A New Feature, NFT Display On Watches

Tag Heuer Launched A New Feature, NFT Display On Watches

Tag Heuer has launched a new feature which is typically a smartwatch feature that shall let these watches display the NFT collection owned by Tag Heuer users. Tag Heuer has ventured further into the world of Web3 and has introduced this brand new feature. The NFT will be visible on the face of the smartwatch […]

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Swiss luxury watchmaker TAG Heuer introduces NFT-enabled smartwatch

Watches, blockchain and NFTs combine with the launch of TAG Heuer’s new luxury wearable. Watchmaker TAG Heuer has partnered with the well-known nonfungible token (NFT) community surrounding Bored Ape Yacht Club and CLONE-X to create a smartwatch that displays NFTs and connects to crypto wallets such as MetaMask and Ledger Live.The company says that the functionality of the TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 will be straightforward, with NFTs being transferred to it via a paired smartphone. The device is set to support static and animated NFT artwork, and multiple NFTs can be transferred to the....

Swiss Watchmaker TAG Heuer Now Accepts Cryptocurrency in US

Luxury watch manufacturer TAG Heuer announced it’s introducing online cryptocurrency payments for customers in the United States. The Swiss company provides the new payment option through a partnership with crypto payment processor Bitpay. Tag Heuer Partners With Bitpay to Offer US Clients Bitcoin Payments Designer and maker of luxury timepieces TAG Heuer is now accepting crypto for its high-quality products. Techniques d’Avant Garde (TAG), founded over a century and a half ago by Edouard Heuer in Switzerland, said this week that clients within the U.S. will be....

Now You Can Pay In Crypto And Buy A Tag Heuer Watch Online

Tag Heuer, the Swiss luxury watch brand will now be accepting crypto payments. These crypto payments will however only be accepted on the US websites. Tag Heuer is now the latest luxury brand to enter the space by embracing crypto payments. All major cryptocurrencies will be accepted on the brand’s e-commerce website. A total of […]

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Twitter was the first to introduce this feature a few days back, Reddit is now working to bring a similar feature too. Through this feature, Reddit will allow users to display non-fungible tokens as display pictures. This is a limited feature and as Reddit has already begun testing this, it might soon be released for […]

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Watches are one of the best fashion accessories that holds good for both the sexes. A good watch becomes a part of you and it is a symbol of impeccable craftsmanship and mechanical genius (even if it is time tested mechanics which has been in use for ages). Not all watchmakers can bring in the kind of refinement to their timepieces like Kairos does. Kairos Watches is a South Korean watch company founded by Sam Yang in the year 2013. Named after the Greek word meaning "opportune moment", the company manufactures hybrid mechanical smart watches and has its presence in various places across....