Bitcoin Reclaims Key Level Following Yesterday’s Wild “Pump and Dump”

Bitcoin Reclaims Key Level Following Yesterday’s Wild “Pump and Dump”

Bitcoin has seen some wild price action throughout the past few days, with the crypto seeing a “pump and dump” rally that led it to $39,000 before it plummeted to $32,000 This price action shows that there’s a significant number of bears looking to fade BTC’s price action at the moment It has recovered from its lows and is not showing any signs of wanting to collapse much lower, but its price action has been […]

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XRP Posts Wild “Pump and Dump” as Retail Buyers Give Whales an Exit

The Wall Street Bets phenomenon recent took a grasp of the crypto market, with an army of retail investors first targeting Dogecoin before setting their sights on XRP XRP saw some slow momentum at first, but rumors regarding a “pump and dump” Telegram chat looking to rocket its price quickly circulated This led many traders […]

Chinese ‘Pump-n-Dump’ Suspected as Litecoin Passes Bitcoin in Trading Volume

Following an unprecedented day of trading for Litecoin at a higher daily USD volume than bitcoin, suspicions of a ‘pump-and-dump’ scheme in China have arisen following a correction in price. Just before, Litecoin has gained fifty US cents to a full US dollar in value - tantamount to Mazda selling more cars in a day than Toyota. “I think Litecoin is still very complimentary to Bitcoin — silver to Bitcoin's gold if you will. Because Litecoin is an altcoin and a much smaller market cap, the Litecoin price is extremely volatile. So when the crypto currency market is crashing, it gets hit a lot....

Bitcoin Reclaims Key Support Level After Drop to $34,500

Bitcoin faced an extreme correction earlier today. Over the span of 12 hours, the cryptocurrency plunged from the $41,000 region to lows on spot exchanges close to $34,000 and lows on futures exchanges close to $35,000. BTC lost over 15% over the span of this rally. The cryptocurrency has since bounced swiftly to the upside, reclaiming a key support level per analysts. Bitcoin Reclaims Key Support Level After Flash Crash Lower Bitcoin faced an extreme […]

ASIC reveals how it infiltrated crypto ‘pump and dump’ Telegram groups

The Australian financial watchdog has revealed the details of how it took down ASX traders suspected of taking part in a coordinated Telegram pump and dump scheme. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has revealed the details of how it took down crypto “pump and dump” Telegram groups back in October. A pump and dump scheme typically involves using social media to coordinate users to buy large amounts of a thinly traded token to artificially inflate its price. They then cash out with massive gains after other investors, who aren’t in on the scheme, FOMO in on a....

Litecoin Dumped by Chinese; Dash Next (Op-Ed)

On Saturday, the Litecoin market holdings were dropped like third-period French. In much the same fashion, the ultra-secure altcoin Dash has also seen a marked rise in trading over the weekend, stoking fears of an equally precipitous decline in the coming days. As we reported on Friday, an alleged “Pump-and-Dump” scam was suspected for the Litecoin currency and its sudden meteoric rise. Advocates of the altcoins would remark that the Grexit is a factor in the sudden value spikes and has helped them, as it has bitcoin. The hard numbers do not bear this out. For no particular reason, trading....