Norway Mulls Backing Sweden’s Call for Euro Ban on Crypto Mining

Norway Mulls Backing Sweden’s Call for Euro Ban on Crypto Mining

The government in Norway is considering ways to limit the environmental impact of cryptocurrency mining and may support Swedish proposals to that end, including a European ban on proof-of-work mining. The European Commission has revealed it is already working to promote a transition to “more sustainable” protocols. Extensive Use of Renewable Energy for Mining Is Hard to Justify, Norway Minister Says Authorities in Norway are mulling over potential policy measures to deal with the effects of crypto mining on the environment, the country’s minister....

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Proposed Crypto Mining Ban in Norway Fails to Gain Support in Parliament

A push to prohibit the energy-intensive proof-of-work mining of cryptocurrencies in Norway has been rejected by the majority of lawmakers. The ban had been suggested by the far-left Red Party which also didn’t win backing to raise an electricity tax for crypto miners. Norway Will Not Ban Bitcoin Mining The parliament of Norway has considered and voted against a draft law banning the minting of digital currencies based on the proof-of-work concept. The legislation, which was proposed by the communist Red Party in March, was supported only by two other leftist parties, SV....

Norwegian Crypto Miners Rejoice As Proposed Ban Rejected

On May 10, 2022, the parliament of Norway voted against a proposed ban on Bitcoin mining in the country. This was good news for crypto miners, who were relieved at the decision. Red Party (communist party of Norway) initially recommended a plan to restrict the Bitcoin mining activities in Norway in March 2022. However, the […]

BREAKING: Facebook Virus Mining Bitcoin Discovered in Norway

A Facebook virus that mines Bitcoin has been discovered in Norway and is spreading rapidly across the globe. Experts call it a Norwegian phenomenon. The Facebook Virus is taking form as a Facebook direct message. If you have received a direct message on Facebook that looks like the image above then do not download or open it. Senior adviser Vidar Sandland from the Norwegian Center For Information Security (Norsis) warns Facebook users about the new virus. The virus was observed for the first time in Norway a week ago according to Norsis, and is spreading fast through the message system on....

Bitcoin mining in Norway gets the green light as the proposed ban rejected

The proposal to ban Bitcoin mining in Norway was rejected in a vote by the Norwegian Parliament on May 10. There’s Nor-way they can ban Bitcoin (BTC) mining in Norway now. That’s according to a majority vote passed by the Norwegian parliament on May 10.The proposal to ban Bitcoin mining in Norway was first suggested in March this year by the Red Party (Norway’s communist party.) In this week's vote, the proposal was overturned as only Norway’s left-leaning parties, including the Socialist Left Party, the Red Party and the Green Party would support a ban on cryptocurrency mining.Jaran....

Norway Minister Proposes Scrapping Reduced Tax Policy For Minors

Cryptocurrency mining surf a large quantity of electricity. And since the crypto industry saw widespread adoption in recent years, it scaled up mining activities likewise, which caused electricity shortages in some countries like Iran and Kosovo. Similarly, the government of Norway, which is facing the same problems, now plans to remove its previously implied policy […]